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Published by Sofia on 2021-04-29 in Nerd
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Hey everybody! I'm Sofia and I'm a proud Ravenclaw.

I'm very passionate about the different Hogwarts houses and what they stand for. Today I'll break down some stereotypes about them, because there aren't "bad" or "good" Hogwarts houses. Each one has its strong and weak points and they are expressed in different ways trough the characters that belong to them.

Now, let's begin!


WRONG. I know it's very convenient to label an entire group of people/community as "bad" without looking into their individual back stories and motives. I get it, but it's a stupid thing to do.

Every Slytherin is different and they for sure have been influenced by their families with the whole pure blood thing, but they have something that I find really cool.

They're leaders and, unlike Gryffindors (more on that later), they will put some logic and intention in their leading. Sure, they could even manipulate people to get what they want, but they'll do what's best for the company/group, and they'll go to lengths that not everybody would be willing to go to.

In the end, it's kinda like working in marketing.
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Well, yes, but no. Something that many people don't get is that there isn't just one type of intelligence. I'm considered a pretty intelligent person, but I suck at math, at physics, at science, at economy... and at a number of different things.

But I can look at a problem and be able to connect it to an information I read in a post like three years ago and boom! I solve the problem. I'm also able to find creative solutions and have the infamous skill of "thinking outside the box".

Kinda like Luna Lovegood did in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", when she suggested to use the Thestrals to fly to the Ministry of Magic.

Another really fitting example is in the Iron Man film, when Tony Stark finds himself held hostage and he uses his intelligence to find a solution to his problem, creating the first Iron Man armour and managing to escape.
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SO WRONG. VERY, VERY WRONG. I'm so done with all this Hufflepuff hate, when we all perfectly know that they are the best and most precious type of wizards to ever exist. Their strong traits are loyalty and just... being good friends. They are so awesome and way too underrated.

An example is Cedric Diggory (poor boy), when he said that Harry should get the Triwizard cup. And, even before that, he wanted to call off the Quidditch match because Harry had fainted and it wasn't fair.

Honestly, that took a whole lot of courage, enough to rival a Gryffindor's one. (I said what I said).


WRONG. Okay, that was probably a known fact already, but let's analyze that for a second.

Almost every main character is a Gryffindor. I get it, they have all the characteristics of a typical hero; they're leaders, courageous, brave... But they are dumb.
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Okay, okay, put your wands down, let me explain.

I'm a Ravenclaw; I'm logical and rational. So, sorry not sorry, but I think that rushing into battle without a proper plan is very, very dumb. This move can (and did) result in some very dangerous things and also many deaths. Not having a plan is very reckless and, frankly, very stupid.

A leader should consider risks before embarking on an adventure. But, sometimes, being brave and quick to action can save some lives. So, if you're a Gryffindor, follow your instinct, but if there isn't an immediate danger try thinking a little bit more.

So here you have it friends! This was the truth about the Hogwarts houses!

Of course, if you disagree with me you don't have to feel bad, we are allowed to have different opinions! If you want, drop yours in an email at [email protected]. I'd love to read it.


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