8th of March

Published by Alice C on 2021-03-11 in Detective
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Hey! Have you been sleeping under a rock this week or did you know that on Monday it was the International Women's day? If your answer is yes good, if it was no let me refresh what this day mean.

Let's start by saying that this day is international, so even if you live in the most remote place of earth you should at least be aware that this thing exists. In Italy in particular, everybody knows it's the 8th of March because suddenly every guy in their class, family, Karate class and so on brings mimosas (not the drink but the flower, just want to make that clear, we're not a country of alcoholics) to their girlfriend/sister/ mother/grandmother.
But did you know why we have this day? And most importantly, did you know that we aren't supposed to celebrate? Basically, it was instituted in 1909 in the US and later on it started to spread to other countries as well. At that time, socialist and later communist women gathered around and made a brainstorm on which rights were achieved at that point and what things still had to be achieved. These gatherings began to be applied by other women in other countries as well and slowly the 8th of March became what it is today. This brings us to our second point. These people in 1909 didn't want to be celebrated. They didn't decide to make a huge feminist party and then though "We had so much fun that we should do this every year". So the point of the 8th March should be continuing what those women started, reflect on the inequalities we still have to face today.

BuT ShOuLdN't MeN hAvE tOo A mEn'S dAy?

What? Do you want a specific day to reflect on your privilege?
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Even with the pandemic, I've been able to participate to a small demonstration here in Brussels and I'd like to tell you a little bit about it. We started at 5 pm from a place called Mont des Arts with a performance. A group of girls where in the middle of the square and sang feminist slogans and had speeches about things they were tired of. For example, one shouted that she was tired of paying tampons as a luxury item, another was tired of being asked if she wanted to have children at job interviews. At one point, a man interrupted the speech and decided to go between the girls because he apparently had something to say. Even if the intentions were good, you don't interrupt a demonstration because you'd like to say something. Anyways, everybody shut up for a sec, and shorlty after one of the girls shouted "I'm tired of being always interrupted and having difficulties to express myself".
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The message was pretty clear and the dude went away. Afterwards we marched a bit, everybody had beautiful and original signs, and we stopped in another square. You have to know that in the square in front of the European Parliament there is a Statue. Good. One super badass girl decided that it was time for him to become feminist and she climbed all the way up to put a pink flag on his neck. I think I had a little heart attack but it was dope!

Well, this was my 8th march, it was good to see that even with social distancing, hand sanitiser and masks people still cared enough to come.
See you next week!