the rooftop

Published by Sofia on 2021-04-15 in Detective
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There it was, a typical spring day. There was nothing special about that day, no birthdays, no tests or exams, nothing. Nevertheless Anne woke up really early and decided to go out.

The sky was still dark and the air made her feel good. It was full of a strange energy, the kind that only spring has.

Anne started walking aimlessly and ended up near her school. Without knowing why she reached the back entrance and pushed opened the door. She then went up the stairs and reached the roof.
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It was the first time she'd ever done something like that. She didn't even know how to get to the rooftop, or so she thought, because, well, she was there, right in that moment.

The only thing left to do was sit down and watch the sun rise. Anne sat down and let out a sigh.

"Oh, you're here." said a deep voice next to her. The girl screamed as she turned to face an horrifying creature staring at her. She didn't even have time to take in its appearance, because the monster hit her.

Anne fell down the rooftop.
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