Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

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"Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief and the Olympian Gods" is a book written by Rick Riordan it's the first book of the novel Percy Jackson and the Olympians gods. Rick Riordan has written many other novels such as "Heroes of Olympus", "The Challenges of Apollo", "The Kane Chronicles" and "Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard".

He has written other sequels like "Percy Jackson the Secrets Stories", "Percy Jackson tells the Greek Gods" and "Percy Jackson tells the Greek Heroes". A book that I also really liked is "Camp Half-Blood the Secret Book".
I will let you know now who is Percy Jackson and I'm going to write about the first book, like I said, "The Lightning Thief".
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Percy in the first book is a 12-year old kid that lives with his mother and his stepdad in New York, his father abandoned him when he was two weeks old. Percy, not knowing his father, took his last name from his mother, Sally Jackson. She's a sweet lady, has long brown hair and a really sweet smile, she works in a candy shop and she sells blue candy. It won't be important in the series (the blue candy) but just so you know, Percy is obsessed with blue food.

Percy is actually the abbreviation for Perseus, he has a lot of problems: he got kicked out from 5 schools in 6 years, he has dyslexia (he has difficulties reading english, the words he sees and the letters just dance all over the page or the board), and Riordan also has added that it's a dyslexia where you cannot pay attention and you can't stay still for more than a few minutes.

He has a best friend, Grover Underwood. He's his age (if we can say like that, but I will explain it later what do I mean with this), he has crickets and he's actually the only friend that Percy has because the rest of his class just laughs at him. But Grover doesn't, he's a good guy.
Another one that believes a lot in Percy is Mr Brunner. His real name isn't Mr Brunner but it's Chiron.
I'm going to try not to spoiler too much but it's going to be difficult so if you keep praying it's your risk.
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One day his whole class, Mr Brunner and Mrs Dotts (who is a substitute math teacher) are at a historical museum talking about the Greek gods.
A few things happen and Percy get expelled from his school, so his mother decides to take him on vacation. They leave his stuff at home because he's not really a nice person, he's really annoying, selfish, and he thinks that he can have everything he wants.
Back to the vacation Sally, Percy and Grover go all together to this vacation, but suddenly a monster attacks them. Not a normal monster but a minotaur.

Sally already knows what's going on and ask Grover to take Percy to the camp, Percy obviously does not understand anything that's happening, but he sees his best friend taking off his pants and showing goat legs. Dan dan daaaan: Grover is a satyr.

They are running to this hill that is Camp Half Blood hill, but Percy wants to fight this minotaur. That's extremely stupid, but we will let him do that. Grover tries to stop him, and his mother too, and in one second the Minotaur grabs Sally's neck with his hand and tries to kill her, by squeezing her neck. But 3 seconds later her body disappears out of nowhere, and Percy kills the Minotaur. Strangely because it's his first master, but impressive though.
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Few seconds later Percy falls on rock and passes out, he wakes up a few days later and he finds himself in an infirmary with Mr Brunner next to him. He tells him some stuff about this camp, and after a while Percy also sees Grover coming up to him with his goat legs. After a while he gets orientated in this camp, he's got to play a typical camp game that is catch the flag and in his team he meets and the Annabeth Chase.
I won't tell you about her past because if I do that I will spoiler too much but I will tell you a little bit about this camp.

This camp is called Camp Half Blood for the reason that only half-bloods or satyrs or centaures can go there. Half-bloods are also called demigods. Like the word says a demigod is a son or a daughter of a God and a mortal like mostly all the kids there except satyrs and nymphes.
Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena she's a goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.

After a lot of stuff happened Percy finds out that his mother isn't dead but he's accused to have stolen the lighting of Zeus that is one of the strongest weapons on the Earth so he escapse camp with Grover and annabeth to find the lightning and return it to Zues before the spring solstice or a huge war between the gods will start and if there's a huge war between the gods it will also cause an apocalypse on Earth.
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They have finally found the lightning so they are returning it to Olympus that is on the 300th floor of the Empire State Building.
They finally found out who the lightning thief nwas and I will not tell who actually is Perseus father is because I will let you guys find out reading the first book.

The first book and all the novels Rick Riordan wrote, I found them really great they are well written and they are also very intriguing and every chapter keeps you going because you want to know what happens in the next chapter. I recommend this writer because his books are really beautiful and they can teach you about Greek mythology. This writer has made my childhood so I recommend his books, the choice is of you guys, anyways I'll see you next week.

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