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Published by Sofia on 2021-03-11 in Pop
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Do you love books and have many of them, but can't find a way to organize them? Are your shelves overflowing?

Well, fear no more, 'cause I'm here to help you!

So, the first tip I'm giving you might sound a bit harsh, but you need to hear it. STOP BUYING BOOKS! Believe me, I know it might feel like the end of the world, but if your shelves are always overflowing, maybe you should stop buying so many books.

While you're in denial, you should read this article where I gave some tips on how to read in an ecological way (they could help you too).

Another tip that you probably won't like is to go through the books you have and decide if you want to keep all of them. C'mon, how long has it been since you last read them?

You could sell them or donate them. Somebody out there will love them and they'll have a better purpose than collecting dust on your shelves.
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Now let's get started with the actual tips. The first one, when you have many different books and not many series is to group them by height, like in the photo above.

Take also advantage of books that have covers of similar colours and group them together, like I did on that gorgeous blue right side, meanwhile you can see some shades of pink on the left side.

And don't be scared of adding a little piece of washi tape to the spine of a book if it doesn't match the colour scheme. They're your books, after all! (And you can always remove it in case you decide to sell the book).

Now, this is also a reminder to have an entire shelf of your favourite books, because, well, it will bring you joy. But let's take a look at mine.
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If you don't actually know the "Fairy Oak" book series and the "Olga di carta" one (they're both Italian) you'd probably think that this is a perfectly fine shelf, but what's actually happening here is that the books are in the wrong order!

I know, I know, it's shocking, but hear me out. Don't you see how nice Olga di carta number 1 and 3 look next to the Fairy Oak books? They're so beautiful! (and they're also written by the same author eheheh). So I think it's okay that I put them like this.

Next, thankfully the Fairy Oak books aren't numbered, so it doesn't look weird when I put the second book of the white books after the fourth one! They look better like this, cause they have different heights and it'd been terrible if I put them in the right order.

Also, I took away the dust jacket from one of them, cause the cover underneath looked so much better.
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Last but not least, with all the space that you now have left after purging your books (you did it, didn't you?) I suggest you decorate!

For example I put this beautiful framed picture of me and a friend of mine (with the one and only Captain Marvel) next to a funko pop of Captain Marvel. Oh, and I also put two funko mystery minis of Captain America and Captain Marvel over the books (can you tell that I love Captain Marvel?).

Also, just to clarify, yes, I washi taped an entire book spine just to match the colour scheme. And no, I didn't steal "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" from a library, I just... got it at the book crossing, by somebody who probably stole it from their library.

(Same thing goes for the purple book you saw in the first photo. Yes, I know you noticed it).

So this is all folks! I hope these tips were useful!

Now go, my fellow booklovers, go organize your books!

Pictures by Sofia
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