The Promised Neverland

Published by Sofia from Bologna on 2021-02-18 in Nerd
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The Promised Neverland is a manga written by Kaiu Shirai and drawn by Posuka Demizu.
The mangas are 19/20 and for the anime there are two seasons (the second season came out recently), in each season there are from 15 to 23 episodes and each episode lasts 23 minutes.

For this article I will follow the manga till the point I have read it.
So when I first started reading I thought it was a nice manga, well done and the story was very easy to handle...yeah, no, totally not that. (A friend of mine said to read it, I hate her for telling me that :)).
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So the story talks about this orphanage that is called Grace Field House, there are a lot of children there, they have a white "uniform" if we can say it like that. The boys wear a white shirt and white pants, the girls a white shirt with a white skirt. A particularity of the children is that all of them have a number on their neck and the number is their birth date. Guys if you keep reading there are going to be spoilers...I think I haven't watched the second season...but moving on in the orphanage the kids age are between 0 and the 12 years old.

The environment where they live is a big house with a big forest around at the end of the forest there is a little gate and not far away a really big stone wall that is around the whole forest. The kids can't pass that little gate and another big one. So let's meet our main characters and some other side characters.

As main characters we have Emma, an 11 years old girl. She has short orange hair and green eyes, she is very energetic and loves very much all her brothers and sisters. Then there is Norman, he is more of a strategic thinker and has a very calm personality he has white shirt hair and blue eyes. Last but not least there is Ray (my favorite but shhhh), he has black hair with one side that goes in front of his left eye and very dark green eyes almost black. He can be very manipulative and also has a strategic mind he prefers staying in the library of the orphanage than playing outside with his siblings, if he stays outside he usually reads under a tree.
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Going to the side characters there are the "mother" of all the kids: Isabella. She is very kind and understanding but that is just a mask she puts on (but this is for later), she has long black hair put nicely in a chignon and purple eyes.
There are Don and Gilda other two kids who are very kind and Don is the most energetic between them.

So moving on, one day Isabella tells the kids that their little sister Connie (5 years old) will be adopted some people are happy because she will have a family, some people not because they will miss her a lot (Don), some of them aren't happy because the siblings that already left said that they would write them but never did so, that's why because maybe Connie would have done the same.

The evening Connie leaves, Emma and Norman are cleaning the dining room when they found Connie's favorite toy, Ray says to them to go give it to her, since she was still there seeing the lights on at the gate.
They go to her but they find a big truck, when they look inside of it they find Connie's dead body in it with a red flower in her heart. They got really scared when they heard someone coming they hide under the truck and they saw a DEMON taking Connie's body and putting it in a glass tube and they also saw their mother talking to him about giving someone else next month.
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So here there has to be an explanation. The orphanage is actually a factory of humans. More precisely of the brain of the kids, how smarter a kid is and what qualities does he/she has.

The world is split in half where the demons live on one side and on the other side the humans. That's why I said that Isabella wears a mask she is actually mean and cold hearted, and the number of their birth is also their merch number (we're in the year 2045).

Emma and Norman run away and are really shocked. Some stuff happens I'm not going to spoil all of it. They find a plan to escape with almost all their siblings. When they get outside they meet demons who help them to get to William Minerva (a man that helped them escape thanks to the books of the orphanage and a special pen) to get to the human world.
But when they get to the place where they should meet, they find someone else. Okay no more spoilers, you will have to read the manga (I know you hate me all now ;)) PLUS that is till the point I've read so I can't tell you more. UwU

I think it's nice to read because it's entertaining and also you always want to know how it ends. That's all for now see you next week. Bye~

Illustrations by Claudia
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