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Hunter x Hunter is an action, comedy, adventure, dramatic, fantasy and psychological anime. I know it's a lot of kinds.
The author of the manga is Yoshihiro Togashi and the editor was Shūeisha, the manga came out on a magazine called Shōnen on 3rd March 1998 and it's still not completed yet.

The first actual manga came out 20th of May 2004 and now there are 36 mangas but others are still coming out.
The anime was sent out by the studio Madhouse, the first time it was sent out was 2nd of October of 2011, and the last time it was sent out it was the 24th of September of 2014. What was sent out in those years was the new version, there is also an old version of the anime of the 90s.
There are 148 episodes and each episodes lasts 24 minutes.

This anime talks about this world where there are Hunters who chase after monsters and other creatures but also after a precious manufact.

Our main character is Gon Freecss. He is an hyperactive 11 years old kid who has green hair that look like broccoli (but that's my opinion), he is the son of one of the most famous Hunters, but of course in any respectable anime or manga one parent goes missing, and so the dad of Gon is gone. You saw what I did there with the words? Yeah, not nice but it's pretty much that. So he stays with his aunt.
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He is very courageous, stubborn and he has a special fishing rod that was of his father. He's also very sweet, considering, and has amazing ability to sense when nature around him changes.

He wants to become an hunter and he hopes that if he becomes an hunter he will meet his dad again. But his odd is totally against it. To become an hunter you must take an exam, but his aunt doesn't want him to. After a while of him insisting that he wanted to go she says yes, and put her signature on a paper (because you need a signature of an adult to go to the exam), even though she was scared because she lost her brother because of the hunting.

When he arrives arrives at the exam he also meets other two other main characters. They are Leorio and Kurapika.

So starting with Leorio he is around the 30 and has black hair and black eyes, he wants to become an hunter because he wants the money. Going on with the manga you can find out that he actually wants to become Hunter for the money, but because he wants it to give medical resources to people. All because when he was younger a friend of him died and could have been saved, but didn't have enough money to pay for his surgery.
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Now going to talk about Kurapika he is around the 16-18 years old and has shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes, he is the last member alive of the Kuruta clan because it was all killed by the Ghost Brigade for their red eyes that only his clan have. His eyes aren't actually red all the time, they turn red when he he has particular emotions like anger. So the Ghosts Brigade took all the eyes of his people and sold them out at the black market because they're really rare.
The only reason he wants to become a hunter is to kill the people who killed his clan, isn't this just a happy anime or manga @w@.

Last but not least character that Gon meets (he's totally my favourite) is Killua. He has beautiful silver white hair, amazingly beautiful ocean blue eyes. Is it obvious that I have a crush on him? 😂

(Guys if you're going further on there will be obviously spoilers, I hope you know that, ok let's go.) He also doesn't have an actual happy past, he comes from a family of killers and he's like the black sheep of the family because he wants to be the good guy. He's also 11-years old, so he's the age of our main character Gon.
Once he disobeyed his father, and he was sent into a canteen with his older brothers. They were all tied up and hit really hard, and that's so sad because he's so cute. The only person that was actually nice to him was his little sister (she can also be creepy but most of the time she is actually cute).
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Who I'm going to introduce now isn't actually one of the main character, but is a character you will see often. Many people in the world (and me too) see him like a huge pedophile. Now I will explain why: when he sees Gon he's always like "Oh hi there nice to see you again darling" and that's super freaky because oh my god you're 30! This kid is 11! For people who already saw or read the anime or the manga know him, but his name is Hisoka, our super pervert pedophile weird clown.
Because yes he is dressed and his face is painted like a clown, he has cards. When he plays with them they are super sharp and just one card he could cut your head off, isn't it nice.

Now we will actually start to talk about the story,the whole story actually goes about the weird exams that they have to do, alone or in a team, and all the weird stuff they have to do to prove to the mentors. The mentors are actually hunters that get chosen every year to make or decide the tests.
Every year there are thousands of people who want to participate in the Hunters exams, but some people quit after seeing what the first, or other test are, about and after other people get killed or fail the exams. You don't know what the exams will be about because it changes every year.

I won't spoiler too much but I will just say the first and second exam that they had to have. The first exam was to run 500 miles on foot and resist, some people just passed out or some people's hearts didn't make it, and then there's Killua, who is a genius because he brought his skateboard hahaha I adore him so much.
When the first test finish they get into this huge place with a forest in front of them, and the master has to lead them in this forest. They have to follow him without losing him out of side, or they will be lost forever in the woods, plus there are creatures who can actually kill and eat them, so yeah nice to know.
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Going back to our pervert clown. Even though he looks absolutely ridiculous he is actually a serious and a very dangerous opponent because he doesn't care who he kills. He kills for fun, he does the whole hunter exam just for fun and to kill other people so they have to watch out.

Killua on one side wants to do the hunter exam because he wants to become a hunter, on the other side he wants to do the hunter exam just for fun and because he wants to see what the hunter exam will be like.

There are a lot of other exams with fighting, killing and screaming but I wont spoiler because you won't ever go watch it or read it but at the end after all the exams the manga goes further talking about their life after the exam.
I suggest you go watch it or read (it's your choice) because there are some violent scenes, but it's actually cool anime to watch even though it doesn't seem like it. It can teach you some stuff and it's actually fun to watch and there are some super cute scenes and other interesting facts that I didn't tell you.

So I won't spoiler further and I hope you guys will go watch it or read it and I will see you guys at the Hunter exam. Bye~ UwU

Illustrations by Asia Renna
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