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Published by Quarko on 2018-05-05 in Eco
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(*) A LIM is an acronym for "Lavagna Interattiva Multimediale" (Interactive Multimedia Whiteboard)
I don't get it: why is the world of adults around us so much against technology?
It is strange: technology usually helps. Tablets, LIM (* See above), computer and mobile apps, are just some of the extraordinary tools largely used in schools. They are a sign of the "past" future as seen in the movies of the 90s: flying desks, holographic teachers, computers everywhere. And yet, I go to school every day and I don't see sign of such innovation!

I attend language lessons in a room where old TV sets dominate the scene; teachers use electronic school registers under maintenance every couple of days; an Internet connection which regularly does not work. Everybody brags about using cool new technological methods, or being promoters of revolutionary new education systems, or of having combined study and fun, school and desire to learn. I don't see any of this!

Maybe, we lack the money to create a functioning and functional network of technology and education. Maybe, adults believe this is not really important and would not bring benefits to students, maybe their hostility against innovation is simply a lack of interest or understanding or fear of this changing world. They were players of an era when technology was not so intrusive or pervasive as today, though no adolescent, adult, student or teacher can really grasp the full advantages (and disadvantages) of technology.
Every teenager in school (and home) regularly hears "Shut down that phone!"
Everybody says that, and for any reason. The other day, I was at school, and I've been told, believe it or not: "mobile phones were made to render you stupid, thanks to those you will not be able to read or comment a classical writing". Wow, that's faith in technology!

As a matter of fact, even Minister Fedeli said that technology possesses excellent teaching tools. This is so difficult to understand: first you praise technology as a tool for the education of the future, mobile phones as a genuine and quick method to facilitate learning processes, than all of a sudden, they become a devilish means that can impede studying, negatively impact schooling and even reduce one's intelligence.

I think there a lot of exaggeration in all this. I don't really believe a computer will swallow me in the middle of the night, nor will the Internet be the cause of new illiteracy of humanity. Instead, I do believe that everything mankind is creating today during times of revolutionary change, can be very helpful to us and our descendents. We should not be scared about the future, nor should we fear that technology will be part of our lives, our relationships, our school system. It will happen, it is happening. Our only aim should be to monitor innovation so that we remain in control, rather that be taken in control!

We must know how to use our devices so that smartphones, tablets and the likes could really become powerful education tools both for students and teachers. I respect people who criticise the misuse of phones and technology in general, but it drives me mad that some people considered computers a weapon to exterminate entire generations of students and teenagers. It is absurd to consider mobile phones the reasons of school (and family) failures, it is impossible that nobody views the large positive impact of the Internet on our lives or that he describes the disadvantages as double the advantages of those technologies...
Because, let's be honest, technology (or any form of innovation introduced in our lives) was thought to improve or optimise some aspects which were not as efficient as they are today.

Whatsapp or any communication apps we use every day are just a modern form - much more efficient - of travelling (homing) pigeons. Today, you spend less time (and money) with personal tutors because you can learn on YouTube, or you save your back studying on a light super-fast tablet and forget about twenty 500-page books you had to carry just a few years back.

I would not consider this to be ignorance or stupidity. Some people say this is not a real revolution, that we are a lost cause, destined to succumb to technology. Hey: just make up your mind! And let us know.

Marco, 16 years