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Published by Sofia on 2021-03-11 in Eco
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Do you like reading, but constantly feel the pressure of climate change and the crisis we're living? Do you want to read more, but every time you buy a new book you feel like you're wasting paper? (especially when it has like ten empty pages at the beginning and the end, why do they do that?)

Well, fear no more, cause I'm here to help you!

Here you have some ecological ways to read! (what a title reference)


You should go TO THE LIBRARY! (if you didn't understand that reference, you should really watch this tv series). This is the most affordable way you can read ecologically, because you're just borrowing a book from your community and you just need to get a library card which is free (but it depends on where you live).
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Another way, if you still want to buy the book and keep it, is to get an e-book. I know that they can be pretty pricey, but in the long run you'll save a lot of money, 'cause electronical books cost less than the physical copy.

(The one in the photo is mine. What's that? You want to know where I got that sticker? Well, I made it, of course! Here you can learn how.)


Then we have the good ol' book crossing. This can be made in two ways: either you go to a book crossing place, where you bring a certain amount of books you don't want any more (they usually say how many you can bring on their website) and walk out with the same amount of new books that other people brought.

Many communities organize this kind of things, you just need to look it up.
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The second book crossing type is to find a friend of yours that has a book you're interested in and ask them if you can borrow it. It's as simple as that, you just need to give it back to them (well, duh) and, of course, be prepared to lend one of your books to them.


Last but not least, there are also audiobooks! This counts as reading and you can listen to them while you're organizing your room or doing laundry. The possibilities are endless! You can find many audiobooks apps online and some books are even read by their author!

So here you have it guys! I hope these tips were useful!

See you next time!


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