Published by Sofia from Bologna on 2021-02-11 in Nerd
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Hey guys so the subject of today's article as you can see is a series called Supernatural. So the series is 15 seasons and of course it's long but 90% of nice series are extremely long. It has 22 episodes in each season and each episode last more or less 43 minutes. It's an USA series and it was shot from 2005 to 2020, the series is mostly horror, dramatic and fantasy but let's actually begin to talk about it.

Supernatural is about two brothers Samuel or Sam Winchester and his older brother Dean Winchester (I'll try not to spoiler too much like Tom Holland does;)). Sam is an university student and he lives with his girlfriend, one day his brother comes to "visit" him and he told him their father went chasing and was missing already a few weeks.
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What Dean ment with chasing is chasing after supernatural creatures like ghosts, demons etc etc.
So after a lot of convincing, Sam follows Dean to search for their father, they try to find him going to places where there were mystirious deaths and disappearing. After they found out what was happening but not finding their father, Sam goes back home but he finds an unpleasant surprise.
The whole story actually goes about finding a creature that has done a bad thing in their past and present. I think it's a nice series to watch because it always ends at a point where you have to know how it goes and it's also really thrilling.
I recommended it because it's also very cool how it's done.

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