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Published by Alice C on 2021-02-11 in Detective
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Hey guys! This week Radioimmaginaria decided to investigate a bit in order to discover the teenagers' opinion on something that's been recently decided in Italy. The Privacy Authority has taken the decision of banning Tik Tok to under 14. Even though it will be applied just in Italy, we though that it could be something everybody should think about.

Lately we've been hearing more and more about risks linked to social medias, especially after the death of Antonella, a 10 years old child who passed away because of an extreme Tik Tok challenge. To understand what teenagers think about it, we have broadcast an online survey to more or less 250 boys and girls our age. We found out that 60% of the interviewed agrees with what has been decided and thinks that a stricter control should be done on younger users.

Among the reasons expressed by teenagers, many have voted in favour because they claim that at 14 kids are still too young to manage a social media account responsibly, avoiding the dangerous traps we see every day. Another valuable opinion found in the survey is that the most important thing is to educate children on how to avoid risks, making them understand what's good and what's bad. According to this, raising the minimum age of users would just mean postponing the inevitable.

We wanted to have a more complete opinion and that's why we asked for Luna Scognamiglio's opinion. For those who don't know her, she's a tiktoker with more than 490 K followers. She agrees with the decision and says that adolescence shouldn't be influenced by social medias, as it is one of the most important moment of our growth.
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Finally, we exchanged opinions with Ivano Zoppi, who is the Secretary-General of Carolina Foundation, which deals with protecting minors online. His thoughts hit us and we totally share his views: it is necessary now more than ever that every teenager learn to use social media in a thoughtful way and to recognise dangers. To sum up, we need someone who EDUCATES us to socials!

Recently another challenge went viral in Gallipoli: the planking challenge (basically people throw themselves against racing cars). Teenagers from there have conformed our concerns, saying that they have the impression that during this time in particular young kids are following more dangerous paths.

if you want to know more and you understad Italian, here you can find a video where everything is explained.

Anyways, we're here and you're not alone. Maybe it's because of these strange times that dangerous paths are being followed but you're not alone! Remember that you'll always have someone next to you ready to help, even during a rough time. We will make it!

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