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Australia's lack of action
Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2021-02-18 in Eco
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It isn't as bad as you think. Or maybe it is.

Another week has passed and we're back with the climate updates! This is "Let's balance out" and you'll read one good news and one bad news about the climate crisis. Shall we begin?

So what do you want first? The good news or the bad news?
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All the countries are increasing their efforts to see the Paris agreement's 1.5C limit, and climate change is firmly a priority for a lot of countries. But there is one country whose efforts may not just be enough. That is Australia. How to deal with the countries who are not moving as fast to decarbonise?

The answer to this issue has been border taxes: basically there is a tax called carbon border adjustment which is applied to imported products based on their carbon footprint.

And Australia is very exposed to border taxes because of its lack of action, they are exporting goods that have a big carbon content, either intrinsically or because of their production.
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Companies all over the world are making climate efforts to be sure what they are doing is sustainable.

One of them is Coca-Cola, which is now testing their first paper bottle. The prototype is made by a Danish company from a super strong paper shell, and it still contains a thin plastic layer. The goal is to create a 100% recyclable and plastic free bottle, though.

There could be a risk of altering the taste of the drink, but it's a price to pay for the sake of the planet. Did you know that last year Coca-Cola was ranked the world's number one plastic polluter?

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