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A case finally solved
Published by Sofia, from Bologna on 2021-02-04 in Detective
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Hey guys have you heard about the solving of the case of the disappeared wife?
So here's what happened.

So 20 years ago the second wife of this man called Valerio Sperotto just disappeared out of nowhere and the police asked him if he knew where she was and he always said he was innocent and didn't do anything.
He died in 2011 and last year in the pig barn they found a 2cm nail and thanks to a DNA test they found out that the nail was of the disappeared wife so all the suspectes about him came out as true.
They also found out that the same thing happened to his first wife in the '88.
So putting it all together he killed both his wifes cut them into pieces and gave them as food to the pigs. Freaky isn't it? He never went to jail for his crime.

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