Subway people

Published by Alice C on 2021-01-28 in Detective
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It is difficult to see and wander about strangers when everyone is wearing a mask. I usually do it all the time and I recognize that it's something that I miss. Today I'm writing from the subway of Paris and I am going to describe to you the people that I meet. Disclaimer: I'm doing this in a cute way, not at all like a stalker.

13.56 An old lady just came in. She is small and seems fragile. I offer her the seat cause I'm afraid she will lose balance. The thing that caught my attention is the hat. It's purple and a little too big for her. It has flowers of all colors and it matches with her coat.
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14:10 A guy is standing in front of me. He seems in his 30s and he clearly looks like a businessman who has his life on the right track. Tie, shirt and tidy hair. He listens to music while reading a book. I try to lean forward to see what kind of book it is and I see that it is a collection of jokes.

14:27 I've been noticing this couple for a while. They are arguing about something. She kind of reminds me of Avril Lavigne cause she has green and pink hair. Her boyfriend is carrying an instrument. At first I thought it was a guitar but now that I look better it might be a cello. I wander how those two ended up together.
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16.05 Two people are standing in front of each other. One is a young dad, he holds his daughter's hand while he checks his phone. The other one is a woman in her 40s. She's really stylish and has a huge and beautiful golden retriever. While she reads, he looks at the kid in front of him. He is mesmerised by the little girl's gloves, bright yellow, and I can see from her eyes that she's smiling under her mask.

17.55 Last ride of the day. The curfew is at 18 so people are impatient to finally go home. There is a musician who apparently has had a bad day. He has a ukulele in his hands but one of the string's broken. In addition to that, it probably started raining because he is wet from his hair to the feet. I really hope that the rest of the day will be better for him.

Illustrations by Gabriela