New year's resolutions: more instagram

Published by Alice C on 2021-01-14 in Detective
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Hey everybody! Is it just me or you also haven't had the time yet to think about new year's resolutions? If I think about it, I would really much enjoy being more aware on what's happening around me and being more informed by reading newspapers and all other things that adults do. Are you too lazy to do so? No excuses. Radioimmaginaria isn't on social networks but you certainly are, so here's five simple instagram accounts to follow in order to invest your time in something useful!

1. Mona Chalabi (@monachalabi). Here you can find amazing posts which talk about current issues such as BLM, Covid and much more. The peculiarity is that she does it with graphs, statistics and percentages. No worries though, she does it by drawing, making it easier for math enemies like us to understand it.
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2. Rotten Tomatoes (@rottentomatoes) is perfect if you want to keep up with the latest movies/series released. Not only it reviews them, but it gives a mark as well. This will help you to avoid trash things and invest your time in something better.

3. Spaghetti politics (@spaghettipolitics) is the best account if you're curious about what's happening around the world. Have you ever asked yourself: what's going on in Ethiopia? Now all of your question will finally get an answer.

4. Irene Facheris (@cimdrp). If you define yourself a feminist, or you would like to know more about this, following her is a must. New ideas, projects and plans to defeat once for all the patriarchy are all present on her account.

5. BBCnews (@bbcnews). A classic, however very important account. Get informed on local and international news.

So that's it. Simple, isn't it? I bet this is a pretty good solution to keep spending time on instragram but doing it with more pourpose than before.
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