The Office

Published by Alice C on 2021-01-07 in Pop
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"Now that The Office is off Netflix y'all can go and get a real personality"

Have you seen this trending on twitter? I certainly did and I decided to write an article about it. Not only we can stay with our fake and awesome personalities, but, for the sake of remembrance, we shall list the most hilarious episodes.

First, to those who have the guts to say 'yeah I don't watch The office because it's too wacky for me' I'm saying: don't play the role of the edgy intellectual person, we all know that you like comedy series with fake laughs. So listen to me, the only thing you need to do to enjoy this masterpiece is not expecting anything from it and you will be amazed.

Ep.14 S.5 Dwight tries to give a lesson to his co-workers who didn't pay attention to the safety training by actually setting the office on fire and blocking all the exits. Everybody panics until Stanley has a heart attack.
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Ep. 2 S.1 It's diversity day at Dunder Mifflin's and in order to make everybody understand how important this matter is Michael Scott decides to give each of his employee a race and to behave like it for the day.

Ep. 4 S.1. Someone has to be fired in the branch. To make everybody happy Michael decides to throw a birthday party even though it is nobody's birthday

Ep.1 S.3. After Oscar's coming out, the 'Gay hunt' begins. That's all you need to know

Well, if you're feeling down and don't have anything to do to lift up your mood, this is the perfect article for you, hope you'll enjoy it.

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