Actors Youtubers?

Published by Sofia on 2021-02-04 in Pop
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As I said in this article, some youtubers sometimes decide to start a career in music, sometimes even quitting YouTube altogether. Today, let's switch things up and talk about a category of people that lately has been conquering YouTube.

I'm talking about actors, actors youtubers.

Now, there are three main actors who are becoming youtubers. The first one is Shay Mitchell (you probably know her as Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars).

She has been on YouTube for six years and has recently done a series about her pregnancy. She also makes a lot of videos about her exotic vacations.
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Then we have Noah Schnapp, known as Will Byers from Stranger Things. He has been on the platform for around a year and he does a lot of collaborations with other youtubers, such as The Dolan Twins and Lilly Singh.

But my favourite types of videos he makes are the ones where he shows the premieres and red carpet events he goes to, and also the videos where he's with Millie Bobby Brown.
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And last but not least we have Brie Larson!!! She's my favourite actress (you surely know her because of her role as the wonderful and fantastic Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and has joined YouTube less than one year ago.

She does various types of videos, like showing us some crazy adventures she went on, singing with comments and doing some challenges with the characters she played. She even talked about her experience with acting and some of the jobs she didn't get.

But my favourite video of hers has got to be her collaboration with the magnificent LaurDiy, who I've been following for AGES! Seeing these two team up has been a blast, so much that I almost fainted at the sight of their joint power.
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Staying in the Marvel universe, we have Elizabeth Henstridge, better known as Jemma Simmons from the marvellous (see what I did there?) tv series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Her channel is also fairly new; she created it 9 months ago.

She does many videos about fashion and some story times, but my favourite ones are the lives where she watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. They're so fun, especially when she invites some of her co-stars to watch along!
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Last but not least we have Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale.

She started her channel 3 years ago and films a lot of behind the scenes stuff (which I love!) and makes many videos with her Riverdale co-stars.
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So there you go! These are some actors that are also youtubers! Researching for this article I found out that many actors have YouTube channels, so these are just a few of the most famous ones.

It's so cool seeing these actors like this, because seeing them filming videos makes them look more... human, I guess.

They start looking like real people, especially when we see them struggling with their set ups, or their lighting...

I just hope we'll see more behind the scenes stuff, because they're my favourite types of videos!

I'd be capable of fainting out of joy if I ever watched a behind the scenes of Captain Marvel 2 filmed by none other than Brie Larson!

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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