Friends vs How I Met Your Mother

Published by Alice C on 2020-12-17 in Pop
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As you all probably already know, How I met your mother and Friends are the most beloved comedy series so far (yes, in your face The Big Ben theory). Fans have always been divided between those who stick with the 90's series, most of the time with too much devotion, and those who saw first HIMYM and refused to watch the rest. When it comes to the evergreen question "which one's better?", the war begins.

Since I've had the pleasure of watching them both, I thought it was about time to express my very relevant and important opinion. DISCLAIMER. I loved them both and at least twice for each series I almost peed myself from laughing. I felt it was important to establish that. Now it's time to make me hate from half of you readers and be adulated from the other (careful, spoilers might occur).
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How I met your mother wins. What can I say? "New is always better" and Friends is everything except new. There are two main reasons for my choice. The first is that I'm too young. Yes I admit it, 40% of the Friends jokes refer to things that I don't know of: actors, films, culture in general that I haven't lived and I have no way of knowing. Secondly, if you pay attention the storyline has holes. Sometimes throughout the series, things happen and after a while they are never spoked of again. Need examples? Say no more. Phoebe's pregnancy: she accepts to get pregnant of her brother's babies and gives birth to her three twins nephew and nieces. After that episode, they appear once more a couple of seasons later and stop. We don't know nothing of how this big change in her life's affected her, how her relationship with the babies is and so on.
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Other example: the story between Rachel and Joey. They stay together for what? Four or five episodes, then they split and NOBODY talks about that again? What's their deal? In How I met your mother every single detail has a meaning as is referred to often in the whole series.

It's true that a lot of dynamics are similar between the two shows but HIMYM gives you so much more. I am confident in saying this: this show has live lessons in it. "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.", "It's not about who wins, but about compromise" or "Friendship comes and goes". Come on, this beats everything.

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