What you need to know on AMAs

Published by Alice C on 2020-11-26 in Pop
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Hello everybody! Ready for some gossip? I've been waiting for this moment for a long time and now it's finally time to talk about it. You don't know what I'm talking about? Where were you living, on Mars? Of course, I'm talking about the American Music Awards. People were worried that they would have been cancelled because of this freaking pandemic but at the end they took place live on the 22nd of November.

So first of all, let's give some context and say who won what. Taylor Swift won the award of Artist of the Year while Doja Cat won in the New Artist of the Year category. Our beloved Harry Style won the award of Favourite Album Pop/Rock with his album "Fine Line" and finally The Weekend won in pretty much all the R&B categories.
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Good, now we're good, let's spill the tea. Let's start with the most discussed performance: In Your Eyes/ Save Your Tears by The Weekend. It took place on the outside and the artist, without any explanation, showed up with plenty of bandages on his face. Everybody was a bit surprised by that at first, but some days later the mystery was explained. The Weekend wanted to broadcast a message on drunk driving and the horrible consequences that can cause. Couldn't he explain it earlier??

Moving on, have you guys seen how gorgeous Dua Lipa was? She nailed it on stage. She sung Levitating while dancing as a freaking queeeeeeen. And moreover she looked splendid with that beautiful glittered blue dress. Chapeau. And do we want to talk about the performance by JLo and Maluma??? She is without a doubt a goddess, have you seen her dancing? I mean, that was just impressing. I never thought of seeing her with Maluma but now that they sung together I have to say... there is a lot of chemistry going on and their work was on point.
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Last two highlights of the nights and then i promise I'll shut up. Billie Eilish's "Therefore I Am" was super dynamic. She looked confident, at ease and marvellous as usual. The musicians on the stage wore masks the whole time, in order not to make people forget to be responsible. And last Becky G, who won the award for Best woman Latina artist. Her speech was one of the most meaningful, since she dedicacted her victory to all the immigrants workers and to their families.

So yep, that's it, even with a pandemic going on we managed to have the AMAs and a bit of normality with it. see you next week!

Illustration by Gabriela