What I Got For Christmas

Published by Sofia on 2020-12-17 in Pop
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Christmas is coming, we all know that. And these days... okay, I'll be real, I started on November first.

You're probably asking yourself what did I start.

Well, I started re-watching old vlogmases from those wonderful years when we still could hug people and not fear for our health every time we left the house. Good times, good times.

So, to remind myself of those times I decided to watch old vlogmases, while waiting for the 2020 ones.

And today I'll tell you all about my favourite types of vlogmases: the last ones.

No, I'm not talking about vlogmas day 25, but about the beautiful "What I Got For Christmas"!
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Here youtubers will show the viewers what they received for Christmas and, well, it's pretty self explanatory.

But there's a special feeling I get when I watch these videos. I just feel like I'm part of their world and I'm just chatting with them.

It's a good feeling, similar to the one you get when you drink hot chocolate: you feel warm inside.

At least that's how I feel, even though they're just talking about pretty superficial stuff. Blame it on my Christmas Spirit.

And, talking about superficiality, I just need to make the disclaimer you'll always find at the beginning of these videos: they're not here to brag, but just to spend some time with you and chat a bit.
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You can also find some more realistic "What I Got For Christmas", like this one up here.

The best type of "What I Got For Christmas" is the one that's accompanied by the classical "Opening Christmas presents" video, which is actually vlogmas day 25 (the one I was talking about earlier).

They're so cool because you can see a even bigger slice of the youtuber's life and also their genuine reactions to the presents!

So this is all, my friends. I suggest you watch some of these "What I Got For Christmas", while you wait for this year's ones! (I imagine there will be a lot of cute masks involved).

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