Truth or Drink?

Published by Sofia on 2021-01-28 in Pop
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There's a trend on YouTube these days. It's called "Truth or Drink?".

And while you absolutely shouldn't and CAN'T drink alcohol before you're of age, I think it is a very fun format and the videos make me laugh a lot.

It is pretty much like "Truth or Dare?", but changing Dare (which, let's be honest, always sucks) for Drink, so, if you don't want to answer the question you've been asked, you have to take a shot.

You can decide if you want to use the actual game, which you can buy online in various versions, or simply decide the questions on the spot, so that they're more personalized.
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The idea started from the channel "The Cut", which had some people and even youtubers (up here you can find one of two youtubers and you'll see one of them pretty soon too) come to their set and play it.

It's so funny because sometimes things get pretty weird, you see people getting more comfortable and, as one says, spill the tea. And sometimes you just laugh because of their side-glances at the camera while drinking to avoid a question.
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The most iconic "Truth or Drink?" is the one up here, where Alisha Marie and Mia Sayoko (yes, the one from earlier) decided to talk about their friendship break up. It was so awesome to see them together again and seeing that they're getting better and becoming friends again.

Now, I'm going to remind you that you CAN'T drink until you are of age. Something you can do though is start watching these "Truth or Drink?" videos! I guarantee you'll have a good time and you'll laugh a lot!


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