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Interview with a bisexual girl
Published by Alice C on 2020-11-12 in Pop
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Hey! Some days ago, I realised that I still haven't talked about a very important topic and in general about all the tv series with love plots in it. I'm talking about the LGBT part! I mentioned it in my article about Charmed but I had to do more. This is why I chose to interview my friend Sveva who is a part of it. In this way we can have a more personal opinion on this topic, whether in fandom world or in real life.

Hi Sveva! I'm Luna from Radioimmaginaria. How are you?!
Everything's fine, I'm already in my pyjamas with hearts on it, as you can see.

Well, you know me already, but today I'm here to introduce you to our readers. Even if my article field is tv series, today I would like to talk with you some more particular aspects. Other than being a super fangirl as me, you're also a part of the LGBT family...
True! I define myself as bisexual. I know exactly who I am, I know my gender identity and my sexuality. That's why I don't have problems talking about other members of the community and of my category. I'm not really active though, I don't go to gay prides or things like that, I would like to keep these aspects personal. However with my parents I can be very open.

"Oh my god, what if she flirts with me? I'm not homophobe but just to be sure."
From your face I can understand that this isn't the first time you've heard something like this.
Yep, nobody actually said it to my face but I've heard it in so many other contexts. Dear homophobes, are you aware that if we wanted to flirt with you we would have already done it? And if not, that probably mean that we're not interested. You're not all so hot!
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Another stereotype that, I have to admit, was brought on by tv series, is that bisexuals (mainly girls) are all bitches, reckless and mentally unstable, cynical and violence lovers. Good exemples are Harley Quinn, Tokio from Money Heist, Yara from game of Thrones, Sara Lance from Arrow... what do you think about it?
They're all stereotypes based on wrong suppositions. Of course there could be someone like it, I mean we're more that 7 billion people. Usually though, we're not like that. I've known people from the LGBT community and to be honest they live a normal life, just with a different sexuality. Ihave a totally normal life, I go to school, I have a normal family just like you. I have a bisexual friend who is for example really shy.

I recently read posts which said "if you have a boyfriend you can't be bisexual". Let's refresh the concept of bisexuality in 2020...
Sooo... Bisexuality (which has its own shades like semi-bisexual, pansexual etc) doesn't mean that if I'm together with a boy in a certain period of my life then I'm straight and if I'm with a girl in another moment of my life I'm lesbian. Being bisexual means being attracted by both genders. It's up to the other person to decide. Of course everybody has its own taste, which depends on who they're dating ad if it's more appealing the physical or emotional side. Exactly like someone in love would do.

Do you have a favourite caption either from a movie, tv series or book that helped you to accept yourself, not caring about the homophobes comments?
Well, in this moment nothing comes to my mind... I mean, yes I do have something which helped accept myself.

Sure! Go on.
"Nobody cared who I was until I put a mask on myself". It comes form one anime. People don't care about you until you do something which bothers them. I reinterpreted it a bit and I understood that I didn't want to weark a mask and I started ignoring the people who don't accept my diversity. They mean nothing to me, as I didn't to them before they found out I was bisexual.
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Weird question: FGC? You don't know what that is? I'll start: Choni! The acronym is for Favourite Gay Couple.
God, this is a tough one. Canonical or not?

Maybe I would say canonical cause otherwise I would have said Supercorp!
He he. Maybe the one I love the most is in Supergirl

Alex and Kelly?

Wow, we're talking about the same series. I have to say that it's a good choice, even if I'm more about the Lena and Kara's episode (Supercorp), cause c'mon, it's super obvious...
Yep, we're starting to fangirl...

To conclude: what would you say to a homophobe who thinks you have something wrong?
To be honest, I would say that I don't care. Cause if you think that I'm wrong then I think that you're wrong too. Easy. To me it's wrong to be scared of someone or something you don't even know.

As you can see, bisexuals are more complex and different people that straights... Naaaah, kidding!

Thank you Sveva to let me interview you in order to improve my article, filling it with sarcasm and philosophical sentences :)

And mostly, for not being anxious at all (at her place I would still be shivering).
That's it for this week!

Best regards, your favourite seriescientist

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