The fangirl cry

Published by Sofia on 2020-11-12 in Nerd
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Do you know Black Canary, the superhero from DC? She's got that super cool superpower: the Canary Cry; a sort of scream that can destroy things. Now, not to be dramatic, but I think I have the same superpower.

I'm a fangirl, which means that I get really, REALLY invested in the movies and tv series I watch and in the books and comics I read.

So, sometimes, (just kidding, EVERY TIME) something crazy, beautiful, good, bad or terrible happens in them, I use my superpower: the fangirl cry.

This is a very powerful skill, which I can't really control, like many superheroes when they first discover their powers.
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I'm still learning to control it, so that I won't hurt anybody, but the more I read and watch, the more things happen in those stories, the more I use my power.

But you're probably wondering how it sounds. Well, you absolutely can't be in the same room with me when I use it, but I guess I could try describing it.

The fangirl cry has a very wide range of tones, from an high pitched scream emerging very suddenly, to a sort of whispered shout, similar to the one of an asthmatic cat.
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Now, if you're a fangirl too, you're probably thinking that you also have this superpower. Be careful then; only another fangirl can survive a fangirl cry.

You need to be very careful, otherwise you could hurt somebody you love! Let's learn from other superheroes and use our powers for good!

Be a good fangirl: use your fangirl cry only when one of your favourite characters is in danger or in love, or when somebody tells you:"You can't care this much about these characters; they're fictional!". In that case, you have my permission to blast them with your fangirl cry.

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