a strange encounter

Published by Sofia on 2020-11-05 in Detective
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Clara sighed and closed the window. Nothing interesting was happening, as usual. Everything, both outside, in the street under her window, and inside, in her room, was wrapped in silence.

The girl sat on the ground, with her back pressed against the heater. It was cold. She decided to lie on the ground. She observed the ceiling, trying to imagine being the protagonist of a movie, laying on the grass, looking at the stars.

But the ceiling was white and boring. No matter how much Clara squinted her eyes, it kept being a white ceiling, sad and with nothing special.
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The sun started setting behind the layers of grey clouds that covered the sky. The room started sinking in the darkness and Clara had to stand up to turn on the light.

She was about to touch the switch, when she heard a loud noise, similar to a champagne bottle popping open.

It had come from outside.

The girl ran towards the window, opened it and looked out.

She saw something so fantastic that her mouth opened wide.
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On the sidewalk in front of her house had appeared a shining circle. A portal.

And right there, standing next to it, was a little girl.

The light of the portal lightened up her face on just one side, making her look a bit creepy.

The little girl was looking down, her arms resting on her sides and her hair covering her face.

Then she lifted her head.

Clara saw her eyes shine.

The little girl smiled at her, waved and then entered the portal, vanishing along with it, without a single noise.

Clara closed the window.

Illustration by Radioimmaginaria