Must-see musicals

Published by Alice C on 2020-10-29 in Nerd
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Are you a musical freak like me? Don't lie, I know that half of your playlists are dedicated to them and if it was for you, you could perfectly sing your favourite musical by heart. Well, if you are willing to know some new songs or even if you know nothing about musicals but you want to learn, you found the perfect article. Here you can see my personal top five.

1) Hamilton. Everybody's talking about it and there's a reason: it's the best musical ever written. Songs and music written by Lil-Manuel Miranda, it's the story of Alexander Hamilton, the fourth founding father of the USA. There are some reasons to be intimidated by this masterpiece: it lasts almost three hours and the whole thing is sung but don't be afraid, it's so beautiful that you won't even pay attention to it. Believe me, after seeing it you won't be able to stop singing.
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2) La La Land. Love story and we already like it. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling act in one of the best well done musicals in recent times. Visually, everything's beautiful: colours, landscapes, actors... everything. And if you don't trust me, trust the 6 little Oscar statues won by this film. Absolutely a must see.

3) Grease. A classic but I'm putting it here because I've heard too many people now saying that they've never seen it. For the dreamers of other times, this musical is for you. Set in the '60s, Grease is a love story between Sandy and Denny. If you're looking for great icon style this is what you have to see (now more than ever, you could get inspiration for your Halloween costume).
4) God help the Girl. Indiest musical you'll ever see, it talks about Eve and her recovery from anorexia. She meets some unusual friends and starts to make music, trying to become a pop star. I think that the peculiarity of this musical is, in fact, in the writing of the songs. The way they're written is so beautifully weird that it's impossible not to like and learn them.

5) The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm telling you this, you've never seen a weirder musical than this. It talks about a newly married couple who, on the way to their honeymoon, break their car and seek help in an unusual castle. Here they meet Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a crazy doctor who creates 'a man with blond hair and a tan to release his tension'. If you're in the mood for something different and catchy, this is the musical for you.