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Published by Alice C on 2020-10-22 in Nerd
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It's October, we're in the middle of Autumn and unfortunately lessons at school are starting to get complicated. You know how at the beginning of the school everything sounds easy peasy lemon squeezy but after some weeks, you find yourself with tons of things to do and everything is difficult difficult lemon difficult. Sorry to tell you guys but we're getting closer. Right when you didn't think you could have more things to study, teachers are usually keen to assign a book to read. And that's when it gets tricky If you are like me, reading a book it's the worst thing that can happen because I'm worse than a slough. So how do we read faster and therefore get a better grade? Here are some tips.
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1) Count the pages. I know it's something that normally you shouldn't do, it's terrible when you think you're at a good pace and then realise how many pages you have left. Count them at the beginning! Before starting a book count the pages and divide them by the days you have until the test. Trust me, it helps

2) Set the environment. You don't want to read in the dark of your room without any inspiration right? It wouldn't give you any motivation. Instead, go on the couch, prepare a good tea and make sure you have a good peak out the window. That's how you get work done. OR if you're lucky enough to have a sunny day go in the garden. Those beautiful yellow leaves will make your day better I promise.
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3) Audiobooks! If you're in high school or middle school you've probably being assigned one of those classical ones like the picture of Dorian Gray, Moby Dick and so on. Lucky for you there are pleanty of audiobooks on youtube. It's faster for you to get through the book, it keeps you concentrated and let's be honest, it also very pleasing.

So here they are, let me know if you found them useful.

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