Infinity War: A definitely not-over review

This is not spoiler free
Published by Charlie on 2018-05-02 in Nerd
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I repeat, this is going to be full of spoilers so if you haven't seen the movie yet, STAY AWAY.

Okay now, I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a year and a half. Like I think every Marvel fan. This film was basically the one everyone was looking forward to, more than the others that already came out.
And there is one specific reason for all of this anticipation.
Basically, according the the comics, Infinity War would represent the end of the Avengers. You know, like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and so on. Like all the characters everyone was attached to, the original Avengers, were supposed to die in this movie. This should have been the end of their storyline, Thanos was meant to defeat them and kill them. And then stop, no more Avengers.
You can imagine how every fan felt for the last year and a half, dying inside at the thought that their favorite character would soon die and preparing psychologically for that moment. Me in the first place, so I know how you felt.

I remember when the trailer came out and we could see some scenes where our faves were suffering, or were hurt in any way and all we wanted to do was to scream. Long story short, we all had high expectations for this movie.
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And I was pretty much disappointed. I didn't really like the whole movie and this is why.

First of all, it is an atypical Avengers movie. Before it came out it has been defined "the biggest crossover in history" and it is true: it contains something like 76 Marvel characters, all squeezed in one story. It was meant to be epic and to say I was excited was an understatement. But what I watched was not a proper Avengers movie: there wasn't any scene where they would fight all together, with that complicity typical of heroes who have to work united to save the universe. This is basically what I was expecting and did not get. Instead, small groups of heroes worked separately, everyone on their own and with their different duties, but of course with the common purpose of defeating Thanos. I just really missed my old Avengers fighting and collaborating all together.

Secondly, even though I appreciated the fact that everyone got a bit of screen time for their hero, I don't think that was enough. You have to understand, for a Marvel fan who has read the comics and all it's really emotionally difficult to handle all this characters together, but it is even more difficult not seeing any justice made to them whatsoever.
And in conclusion let's get to the most painful point. *HUGE SPOILERS COMING* The deaths. Okay, as I said before everyone was expecting an high amount of dead people here, so the final part where everyone disappears into thin air was no news. Basically the problem were two:
  1. They killed the characters that weren't supposed to die. Basically everyone of the heroes they let die was meant to live and to continue with their individual story (also because Marvel itself has programmed sequels of like Spiderman, Guardians of The Galaxy etc...).
  2. The deaths transmitted (in my opinion) no emotions. I mean, they killed them all one after the other, not giving the viewer the time of grieving and being hurt by the disappearance of their faves. For example, I love Spiderman so much I can't even put in into words and I'm still not over the fact that he died, but the scene itself did not transmit me any emotion. I just wasn't invested because they gave no importance to it or to the other deaths that happened. Sigh.
So, a part from all the speculations and the theories in which all these characters are not really dead, we are getting another part of Infinity War. Yes, there is going to be another movie of it. So basically the feeling I had about this movie, that is that it was merely an introduction to something else, to the real movie, was right. Because this Infinity War apparently is just the induction of the true Infinity War.

And as I was not ready for this one, I am surely not ready for the next one.