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Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-09-17 in Pop
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Hey you! I know you're sad and you're feel like nothing is going to make this awful feeling go away but you know what? There are some things you could do! And they work, I promise. So here you can find some ways of feeling better, the only worry you have to have is to choose which one to do.

1) Music. So mainstream eh? Music will make you feel better is what everyone says. But even so, does that mean it's not true? Of course you cannot play it on shuffle because the risk of stumbling on a sad song is high, but there are plenty of playlists created just for light, fun and happy music. Also, if it makes you feel better, you can create one, so that when you're feeling down it will be ready waiting for you. And most important thing: if you come across a song you know by heart, DON'T HESITATE TO SING IT as loud as possible.
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2) Cleaning. Personally when I feel blue it's really difficult to get out of bed and do stuff. Cleaning it's a good way for you to keep your mind busy. You have no idea how washing the dishes lights up my mood sometimes. If you are overwhelmed with sadness, fear, anger or whatever, something small like tiding up your room could make you feel in control of something and make you feel as the world isn't completely falling apart after all.

3) Youtube videos. It doesn't matter what type. Just go on youtube. It distracts you from your worries and sometimes it keeps you engaged as well. If you don't have a clue on what to search, here's some tips: funny videos, videos of cats, skin care routines (uhh these ones help a lot) or even asmr.
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4) Cooking. Same thing: by cooking you feel in control of your actions and the things that surround you. But be careful, don't try to do to much. You don't have to cook a complicated dish, cause that could cause frustration and negative feelings and we don't want that. Sometimes just pasta or a simple pie could turn up your day.

5) Interact. I know that when you're feeling sad you don't want to deal with anyone. I swear I know. But sometimes talking with your friends, parents, teachers or roommates could make the difference. They can cheer you up or just bring your mind somewhere else for a couple of hours. They may not be the solution of your problems, but at least they can subtract time to your despair.

But don't forget! If you feel like your sadness is too deep and overwhelming to deal with, call a specialist or make an appointment with someone who studied to make your worries a little less heavy.

Well my sad little friends, I hope I was a bit useful to you, and if you feel like it, we will update next week.

Illustration by Nina