Middle Ground

Published by Sofia on 2020-10-08 in Pop
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There's this channel on Youtube called Jubilee. It is the same that does "odd man out" (which I talked about here). It's a very cool channel so, this summer, I decided to dive a bit deeper in it.

And this is how I found this other series, called "middle ground".

Here people with polar opposite opinions and beliefs get together and talk about a certain topic. It can be men's rights activists and feminist activists, Gen Z and Boomers, climate change sceptics and activists, or natural beauty and plastic surgery advocates.
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They're all very interesting and have covered a whole lot of topics.

It's really wonderful seeing such different people talk about topics they're so opinionated about and still remain (somewhat) calm and respectful.

The way this works is by having six people in total; three per side of beliefs. They stay in two different corners, under a light. Then the directors gives them a prompt to discuss and who's willing to talk about it goes to the stools in the front.

After talking for a while the other people will be asked to join and explain their point of view.
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What Jubilee is doing with this series is really awesome. Doing this they're opening us up to many deep conversations.

Maybe you could watch these videos with your parents and then discuss, using this opportunity to connect more.

But remember to be polite and respectful, like everyone in these videos is trying to be!
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