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Published by Ludovica A on 2020-09-10 in Nerd
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Have you ever started watching a tv series and thought that it was awesome, but then it kept going on and on, adding even weirder storylines? (*cough* Riverdale *cough* Pretty Little Liars *cough* Money heist *cough*)

Or, even worse, did a tv series you loved get cancelled on a GIGANTIC cliff hanger? (*cough* I'm Not Okay With This *cough* Everything sucks *cough* AGENT CARTER *cough*)

Well, been there, done that. And if you've answered yes and are also very annoyed by this, well, this is the article for you.

But first, let me put a disclaimer. I'm not writing this to make fun of the tv series I mentioned in the beginning; in fact I've watched all of them and I really like them. But I do recognize that they're going too far (especially Riverdale, but I enjoy watching it as the plot becomes exponentially weirder).

Also, I know there are many tv series out there that actually FINISH, like the ones I'm about to mention. The thing is, I can't watch every single tv series ever created.

Now, let's get to them!
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This is Trinkets; a very short series, counting with two seasons, each made up by ten episodes of approximately half an hour. I'm kinda ashamed to say that I finished it in just two days, because it's THAT catchy (also, it was summer, so don't @ me).

It starts in a very "The Breakfast Club" fashion; three very different girls end up in detention together and form a bond. The twist? They're actually in a shoplifters support group, because they got caught shoplifting.

It has a pretty accurate depiction of what it feels like to be a teen in this era and it makes my heart warm, so that counts.


This is a really cool sitcom, where Jess, a bubbly teacher, moves in with three guys in a Los Angeles loft. They're all very weird and will form a crazy and wholesome friendship.

It has seven seasons, but the last one is shorter and it feels more like the last puzzle piece, that fits perfectly and ties all the loose strings.

If you are in need of a laugh or two, this is the show for you!
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Alexa & Katie is about two best friends. One of them, Alexa, has cancer and is really worried about starting high school. This is not a sad series, on the contrary! It's very wholesome and has that Disney Channel feel.

You can watch the characters grow up and overcome so many obstacles, that, in the end, you'll feel like they're a part of you (and then you'll cry, but it'll be a good cry).


We have so many wholesome tv series on this list! Anne with an E will make you feel like you're running barefoot on a field, laughing with your friends and reciting poetry. Well, this is pretty much what Anne, the protagonist, does.

She's an orphan, who got adopted by a brother and a sister who needed help with their farm. They wanted a boy, but there was a misunderstanding and well, now she's here. After the initial shock they'll become a family.

I know that many people think that it should have continued, but I think the ending is perfect. You should see for yourself, though.
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A series of unfortunate events is the story of three orphans whose parents disappeared in a mysterious fire. They're stalked by Count Olaf; a weird guy who wants all their money. But there are many more mysteries to uncover and this show will end perfectly, just you wait.

Avatar: the last airbender, is one of the best tv series in the entire world; in fact I already wrote an article about it. Here you have it!
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Fuller House is the sequel of Full House; a tv series from the 80s. DJ Tanner is a young widow with three kids, who's struggling with balancing everything.

During a family reunion her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy will step up and come live with her, to help her managing everything. This will transform the house in a big, crazy and wonderful mess.

So here you have it! I hope you found your new favourite tv series!

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