Oltrape 2020 - 4th week

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-08-19 in Events
18th AUGUST 2020, STOP 28
Hey there Diary! This will be the start of 13 days lasting friendship! Yep, today was my first day in OltrApe 2020 and I have to say, it started greatly... 10 o'clock we arrived in the middle of nowhere in Emilia's countryside. Without even have the time to say goodbye to the chickens, we're on the road toward Hera Ambiente's building, near Sant'Agata Bolognese. Here people are producing Bio methane and it was really cool witnessing all the steps which lead to the final result.they told us about the importance of this resource and how much important it will be in the future. After a sandwich eaten with all those wonderful smells of garbage, we drove to San Giovanni in Persiceto.
The evening there was amazing with one of the most cool bands I've ever heard in my life: Leo bi Murray and Jacky Sax. Maybe they'll even dedicate a song to me. After that we presen te d our book (Noi abbiamo un futuro) and I have to admit that it was emotional... I can't talk about those experiences without being envious. This is my first OltrApe trip and I hope it'll be as good as the last one.

Now we're in the house situated nowhere again and I'm tired and feel filthy. And the shower is cold. Very well...
17th AUGUST 2020, STOP 27
Hey guys, it's Leo here! Today we left our camping and moved to Zocca, a town near Modena, lost in the Appennines. We we arrived to Zocca we went straight in front of Vasco Rossi's house and had our RaDioimmaginaria t-shirt signed.
You have to know that Zocca is a well known town all around the globe because of him. It's for this reason that many of the streets host some of his most famous lyrics.
After that we moved in the main square, which was very cute since the city put sand on it in order to remind the citizens of the seaside. Funny thing is: we could see the mountains and the Cimone in the background. After our connection with TG3 we went to lunch. After that we moved to a country house in San Giovanni in Persiceto, hosted by one of our speakers. That's it for now, tomorrow we'll be in San Giovanni in Persiceto and Sant'Agata. See you tomorrow.

Leo at the wheel
16th AUGUST 2020, STOP 26
Hi! I'm Cate and today was the 26th stop of OltrApe 2020.
This morning we drove to Porretta Terme, which is exactly how I imagined it: a tiny town in the mountains very cute and very typical! When we first arrived, we were welcomed by ten or so teenagers from the school IIS Montessori Da Vinci in Porretta, who joined us for the record of Tg. They study, between other subjects, mechanics and they told us that some years ago they built a kind of motor-tricycle together with their teacher. Now it works with gas but the goal is to make it hybrid within a year.
I'll be more or less like our Ape, at first it had to be ready this year but because of COVID-19 works had to slow down a bit.
They also told us that during this quarantine they lost many school hours that will have to be done next year. Since in their school there are plenty of labs, when they had to stay at home they weren't able to do make any of that. After Tg they stayed with us during the episode and at the end they suggested the most beautiful places to see in Porretta! It was a very tiring day but still fun. Now we're camping and we'll have dinner soon with tigelle and a good film. See you tomorrow in Zocca!

Cate at the wheel
15th of AUGUST 2020, 25TH STOP
Hey it's Valgi. Today we reached the stop n.25 of Oltrape and we have been in Cereglio, near Vergato. We recorded our news service and episode. Cereglio is the smallest stop of the tour, it's a total of 200 citizens, and only 16 teenagers! We met 4 of them the represent the 25% of the teenagers of the town.
After we finished recording we have been host by some friends in Cereglio, we had lunch and took a bath in the pool...Just kidding, it was raining. Still, it was a beautiful day and we came back in the camping now. We're eating ribelle in front of the Don Camillo and Peppone movie we bought a few days ago in Brescello. I'll go to sleep now, bye!

Valgi at the wheel
14th of AUGUST 2020, 24TH STOP
24th stop of Oltrape. We're in Modena today! Me and Modena we have a weird relationship. I'm from Bologna, so I should hate the place for some reason, but I really like the city actually. I am very happy to do this part of Oltrape. Modena is a beautiful city, clean, green, with a lot of stickers and some crazy people.

There's a beautiful church in the city centre. Then a cathedral and the bell tower that people living in Modena call the Ghirlandina. Like in every city, it's very hot and for the episode we took shelter in the porch of the city hall. We met the mayor Gian Carlo Muzzarelli and we gave him our flag. We had a beautiful interview with him and while we were speaking he told us that we have to believe in the future and aim high because everything is in our hands.
Now we're in a camping in Montese, on the mountains near Modena. The day was going on so well but right when we were going out the city centre we realised we had been robbed. Some thief opened our Rimuflo and stole a pair of suitcases. It definitely could have been better, but it was a good day overall. Cereglio is tomorrow's stop!

Marco at the wheel
13th of AUGUST 2020, 23RD STOP
Hey it's Cate. It's my second day here in Oltrape! Today was a different day than the rest because we spent the whole day on the Po river. It's the longest river in Italy but it's so hot these days that there's less water than usual. We were afraid to remain stranded somewhere but fortunately Giuliano Landini, captain of the motonave Stradivari, helped us.
It was very fun and a different experience, I had never been on the Po! After we loaded all of our stuff we did our service with the news. Then we took our things and we left for Brescello, the town of Don Camillo and Peppone. We took some pictures and then we arrived in the camping! It wasn't too hot after all, maybe because of the river. Next stop tomorrow in Modena! Byee

Cate at the wheel
12th of AUGUST 2020, 22ND STOP
I am Davide and today is my first day of Oltrape. We have been in Parma, the 22nd stop. Once we got in the square in front of the cathedral we prepared the Ape for the live streaming and we went live!
Right in the cathedral square we interviewed the mayor of Parma Federico Pizzarotti and the Youth Policies Councillor Michele Guerra. We gave them our flag and then we visited a bit of the city. It was very interesting, I didn't know there were so many important works in Parma. Shame the hot weather didn't let me enjoy the visit. We're in the hostel now and we're about to have dinner. See you tomorrow in Boretto!

Valgi at the wheel
4th week
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