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Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-08-13 in Pop
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Hey there!

Getting tired of staying on the beach? Here's an idea: why don't you watch a film during the hottest hours of the day?

Lucky for you I have a few suggestions to make, so if you can't decide one, just take a look! I'll give you 4 film from 4 different genres, and then that's it, easy peasy.

Get Out

Genre: Horror-ish

Ok it's not a horror horror film, I watched it alone at night and I could sleep afterwards, but still... pretty frightening. This film by Jordan Peele gets better and better as it develops. It starts with Chris who goes to his girlfriend's parents house to meet them for the first time. So far so good. As soon as he gets there though, things start to get real weird. The (white) family seems a little bit too invasive and it has just black people working for them. When talked to, they just smile or behave in a veeeery inconvenient way. As time passes Chris gets more and more creeped out cause something's just wrong. I won't do spoilers, but do you think he will get out from there?
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Call me by your name

Genre: romantic

Aaaahhhh the perfect film for a summer day. Elio is a teenager who spends every summer in Italy with his family. Every year they host one of the father's students in this huge beautiful house. Well, that year Elio falls madly in love with Oliver and they spend the summer together. It seems like a pretty standard romantic movie but I can assure that this one is a masterpiece. Like a poem but made in a movie. Please please trust me on this one, you won't regret it. PLUS the movie's sound track is by Sufian Stevens, do I have to add more?

Manhattan Murder Mystery

Genre: Comedy

I have to admit that maybe it's not one of the newest films by Woody Allen but it makes you laugh sooo much. It's the story about this couple who have a very normal and insignificant life. However, one day they experience the death of a neighbor and their lives are turned upside down. In fact, the wife ( interpreted by Diane Keaton) is more and more convinced that the neighbor was murdered and didn't die because an heart attack. On the other hand, the husband (Woody Allen himself) is very skeptic and doesn't believe a word of what she's saying. Slowly this boring couple becomes a detective team and that they'll face some pretty funny challenges.
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Genre: Fantasy

Aliens. Let's start with that.
Aliens finally arrive on earth and of course panic is spread. FBI,CIA and so on can't figure out what the hell they want... until... they try to communicate. However their language is unknown and for that reason a famous linguistic university teacher is brought into action. She somehow manages to learn and understand the weird alien language. To me, even if there are thousands of films about aliens, this one is different. I liked it because it analyzes a different aspect of the alien world and for this reason I think it's worth watching.

That was it, hope to have been useful!

Picture by Nina Ferrari