Seaside vs. Mountains

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-07-30 in Pop
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Are you planning to escape from your town for a few days but you still aren't sure where? This article is perrrrrfect for you. If you can't make up your mind between seaside and mountains, here's some thoughts that could help you decide.

If you're thinking about a holiday where you don't want even to move a finger, then the seaside is perfect. Lazy people like you (and me) need to be by the sea, laying on the sand, listening to music and playing crosswords. Seaside is perfect cause even if it's 45 degrees (Celsius of course) you can just make a few steps, step in to the water and all your problems will melt away. And do we want to talk about the marvellous feeling of eating a watermelon under your umbrella at midday, when nobody's around and you can just listen to the sound of the ocean? That's life my friend.
However, there are some more aspects to consider. It's absolutely awesome spending your holiday at the beach but not everything is idyllic as we could expect. First of all, the beach is loud. People scream, play, splash and run around. If you're looking for a quiet place you will have to search a lot before finding it. Moreover (except if you're one of those super tanned people) you will have a silent enemy to fight: the sun. In fact, if you aren't careful and use loooots of cream (and spending lots of time using it) at the end of the day it will be impossible to tell the difference between you and a lobster.
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If, instead you're one of those brave adventurers who are looking for something more active to do during the holidays, mountains are waiting for you. There you can plan excursions, wander in the woods and discover little but beautiful towns. It is peaceful and it often helps going there if there is something that's keeping your mind busy. And let's talk about the landscapes. They are usually breath-taking, so if you are a romantic, that's the place for you.
Unfortunately, up in the mountains isn't always easy. Consider that the weather is usually cold and rainy, so there is the possibility that some days you'll have to stay inside your house. In addition to that, going to the mountains requires an amount of expertise that not everyone has. If you take me for example, after one hour of walking up and down, you would probably find me in a corner crying and wishing to go back.

So there it is, hope you will make up your mind.

Illustration by Gabriela