Letters are beautiful, change my mind

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-07-16 in Pop
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Do you remember when you were on vacation with your parents and you had to send a postcard to all of your friends, letting them know how much fun you had? I always found that little act beautiful and meaningful. I mean, while you are visiting some dope places, you willingly take some time to find a card, write on it, buy a stamp and send it to your friends. That's freaking cool. And do we want to talk about the feeling of receiving mail (wether it is a postcard or a letter)? Awesome!!
So hear me out: who decided that these things were out of fashion? Social media? WhatsApp? Well, screw them, I want those feelings back.
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I started writing letters to my friends while I was studying abroad, and I haven't stopped ever since. So here's some reasons why letters may seem just vintage but are actually pretty cool.
First, you get to write whatever you want without the pressure of getting an answer right away. Let me explain: when you text someone, they usually reply in 0.1 seconds. I mean, when you need something from them it's great, but besides that the conversation dies right away. You get all the information you wanted in a brief time it automatically loses meaning. Moreover you can't be interrupted and you can finally write a proper monologue.
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Secondly, it is absolutely awesome pretending to be a teenager during the 18th century and spilling the tea about your court mates. Whenever I write a letter, I try to use the most beautiful handwriting I can replicate and I always look for some fancy paper. But if you really want to have some fun, buy sealing wax and create your own emblem (you can find lots of tutorials on YouTube, it's pretty easy).

And finally, the most amazing thing: receiving a letter. Whoever said that the important thing was to give and not to receive probably never received a letter (loser). That's the best part. The fact that it takes time for someone to reply makes it even more exciting. Since it takes one or two weeks for the letter to be sent, I usually forget that I was expecting it. And when it finally arrives it is an even bigger surprise. Seeing the handwriting of your friend makes everything more special.
Call me a nostalgic but if you don't try, you are avoiding something great.


Photo by Radioimmaginaria