What's a fandom?

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-07-16 in Nerd
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Fandom. A word that means everything to somebody, but nothing to somebody else.

What's a fandom?

Well, talking about the actual name, fandom is a composed word, made up by "fan", which is short for fanatic, so it's better keeping it short and "dom", which is short for kingdom. So a fandom is a fans' kingdom.

There isn't just one fandom. Imagine an enormous planet divided in kingdoms. Each of these kingdoms is a fandom, inhabited by fans of something; it can be a tv series, a film franchise, a book, a videogame, a youtuber... If you like something you're part of the fandom.
"Fandom means family." this is the best explanation. A fandom is the family we choose, where we have a common passion. They're the people with whom you'd spend hours and hours fantasizing about the upcoming films, making complicated theories about what's going to happen.

Sadly not all fans can meet in person. Often the only way you can meet them is via the Internet. You just need to write your fandom's name on the search bar of any social network and you'll instantly get bombarded by millions of videos, fanarts, theories and photos.

But the best thing is that you'll find somebody like you. It helps when you feel lonely with a thousand thoughts about the tv show you just finished watching. You'll finally have somebody to tell them to, somebody who'll understand you.
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There are particular days of the year and particular places in the world where, when the planets align, a wonderful event happens.

Do you hear this noise? It's the sound of millions of fans, ready to unite and conquer the world. (Well, not now with the coronavirus and all, but it used to happen)

The Comicon. The holy congregation of nerds, geeks, fans, whatever you wanna call 'em. The Comicon is where the word fandom comes alive; where fans rule. It's here where the magic happens. It's here where various fandoms coexist and even unite.

Because, you'll have understood it by now, it's impossible being part of just one fandom, unless your life was sad and boring.
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Usually superheroes and anime are in the same fair, but for tv series is a bit more difficult, because their events are individual, but there are some exceptions. For singers (yes, even singers' ones are considered fandoms) you can meet other fans at their concerts (duh).

When we get so caught up in a book, a tv show or a song, we sometimes forget that the world is big and full of people and that somebody like us has to exist, somewhere out there. We often feel alone, but we aren't. Always remember that you're part of something big.

You're part of a fandom.

You're part of a family.


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