What's happening in Hong Kong?

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-06-04 in Detective
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Who's ready for some knowledge? Cause imma about to spread some information over here! During these days a lot is going on around the world. We are still involved in a pandemic, people in the US are fighting more and more to have justice for George Floyd and protests are getting bigger in Hong Kong.

Speaking of which... who remembers what is the situation over there? If you don't remember (shame on you) there are plenty of articles in the World Wide Web that are waiting for you. Read them, I'll wait for you.
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Done? Good, now we can talk about stuff. As you could probably understand, there is bad blood between Hong Kong and China. Protests against China's overtake on some Hong Kong rules are going on for sometimes, but they seem to be getting even stronger now. Do you want to know why?

China approved a law which is called National Security Law which made lot of people angry. Hong Kong wants to be indipendent but instead China wants to take all decisions for it. It's like when you were 11 or 12 and you wanted to go out with your friends but your mum allowed you to go if she came with you to keep an eye on you.
So what is this law? It gives permission to China to intervene in Hong Kong's business whenever they feel that society is in danger of terrorism caused by people who fight for independence. That means that if people protest to ask more indipendence , China is allowed to go there and arrest everybody because considered terrorists.

I don't know about you but for me it was quite shocking discovering these things. In 2020!

I'll let you reflect


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