Dad, How do I?

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-06-04 in Pop
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Not everyone had the chance of having their dad beside them their whole life, this is a source of suffering for many people from all around the world but, although it might still be a scar for you, eventually you can make it with the support and love of those around you, doesn't matter who they are.

Still it's true that for many teens not having a dad can be, to say the least, a bit uncomfortable. For that we have Rob Kenney's youtube channel called "Dad, How do I?", where he does tutorials of basic things such as "how to iron your tie" or "how to unclog a sink". All those things that, traditionally, is something a father teaches his son. He said it himself in an interview, he grew up not having a father and could have used a male role model or someone who could help him out understanding a bit better what was going on in his life.
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However he also said that his videos are not for teenage boys only, they are aimed at everyone who wants to learn something new and feel empowered. He uses calm and soothing voice and says things to his audience like "I am proud of you" which is something not all children may be able to hear and that affects them later in their lives.

His wholesome mission started off a couple of months ago and he has already gained more than 2 milions subscribers, showing how many people would need a person like this in their lives.

I'll attach here his first video called "How to shave your face", as I think he does a really good job and, on the plus side, he is going to donate the money he earns to international charity organizations
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