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Published by Ludovica A on 2020-06-25 in Nerd
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You know, I've been thinking about the meaning of life for a while now. And I think I figured it out! The meaning of life is to give life a meaning. And what we need to do in order to give our life a meaning is to be happy!

It's as simple as that. I know it's shocking, but you should try!

And do you know what's the secret for happiness? The first step to achieve peace of mind and happiness? Being happy in the place you live in. And how can you do it?

By surrounding yourself with things that you love and if you are in a fandom, it'll be easy to find out what those things are.

And, guys, I feel your pain. I'm broke too. I don't have enough money to buy very expensive fandom stuff, like an exact replica of a wand from Harry Potter or hundreds of funko pop.
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But, you know, they don't have to be super big or expensive things! Sometimes it can be a small detail, like cute pens! For example here you see my batgirl pen and my Harry Potter one (I know, it shines a lot, sometimes I'm blinded by the reflection from the sun and I feel like somebody used Lumos on me).

I got them for just a couple of euros and they look super cute among my more simple pens! And plus, they're useful too!
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Then we have the simplest but most effective thing: posters! They'll cover a lot of space in your room and they're really inexpensive! You could print some images from the Internet or even draw something, if that's more your thing.
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Or, if you feel particularly bougie and you want to spend a couple of euros, you could go to a place where they print photos on that cool photographic paper and print your images with that style.

But let me tell you my secret. You want to know how I got these super cool posters? From comics!

When you buy a comic (generally the first or last number of a series, but you can find them also in some random numbers or in those special editions with the hard covers) you can find the variant covers at the end of it!
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So you get a cool story from the comic AND a way to decor your room! Those images will inspire you and you'll feel powerful just by looking at them. I know I do!
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And speaking of comics, if you have a super cool edition with a fantastic cover (like this one) you should display it! I, as I said here, prefer Marvel over DC, so I have this comic on display in my room.

Oh, you like the organizer near it? Well, not to brag, but I made it myself. What? You want to do it too? Well, you're in luck, 'cause I explain how to do it in this article.
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I don't know if this happens in other countries too, but here in Italy sometimes our supermarkets have these promotions where people can win some little fandom statues for every 10 euros spent shopping (or something like that, it changes every time).

So here you have my little Harry Potter collection, that spices up my make-up corner.
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Do you like the look of a Funko pop, but you're not a fan of the bouncy heads or of the price? Well, the solution for you could be the funko mystery minis! They're a bit smaller, less expensive and don't have a bouncy head. But they still look really cool!

The only down side is that you won't be able to choose which character you're going to get, 'cause they're a kind of blind bags. (You know, the ones you can find at the newspaper stand).
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And I know I said I'm too broke to have hundreds of Funko pops, but I actually have some of them (because my friends gifted them to me). I just need to be careful and not ask for more, otherwise I won't have enough space to actually live in my room!

And if you want to surround yourself with your fandom even when you're outside, then this is the perfect episode for you!

Pictures by Sofia
But wait! Have you seen how cool my laptop looks? It's full of fandom stickers! And do you know what's even cooller? The fact that I made them myself! And you can do it too, you just need to read this article.
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And this is all nerds! Now go and make yourself happy!
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