Hamilton, the film?

Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-05-21 in Pop
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OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!! GUYSSSSS, you won't believe what's happening!!!

Do you know, by chance, this really little and not-at-all famous musical (cue the sarcasm) called Hamilton? It's a very awesome and genius musical (duh), all about Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers.

Well, buckle up guys... Hamilton is arriving on Disney+! On July 3rd! Now, it's only a matter of time until I finally get a chance to watch it, and rewatch it, and rewatch it and rewatch it... Until my eyes fall off. And then I'll say goodbye. But I know that I'll be back.


But let me explain why it's such a big deal.

Well, this musical is from Broadway, which means that it's both really expensive and IN AMERICA. And I, a little broke Italian, have been aching for some more things about it. I'm just not satisfied by the album on Spotify, or the animations on YouTube (even tho they're really good, like this one).
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It's a musical! I want to see the actors, feel their energy, sing along with them! And I feel so helpless, knowing I can't afford it. I just can't wait for it.

And since it's so expensive and just really far away in general, many people search for illegal videos of it and in that case the artists who created it don't earn any money, which is sad, because art is rarely respected and for an artist getting paid is more difficult, even though we couldn't live without art (imagine a world without colours, films or music, yikes!).

So this "film", which is actually the recorded musical, will resolve everything! The creators will receive the money they deserve (thanks to Disney +'s subscription cost) and we'll be able to see it all around the world!
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Hamilton is a fantastic work, that combines very different music genres, from rap to jazz. And just because it's about a man who lived a couple centuries ago, it doesn't mean he had a boring life. On the contrary! He had a crazy personal AND political life, so many beefs and A LOT of drama. And I mean A LOT. Just you wait.

But the music itself is phenomenal! And yes, I'm running out of adjectives to express just how beautiful it is. The entire dictionary wouldn't be enough. But if you want a better explanation, you can listen to this episode we made a while ago, all about different musicals.
Also, if you're not a fan yet and you want to become one by first listening to the album (you can find it on YouTube or Spotify), come back to this article after, and you'll find out that I did so many puns about it! I love musical puns!

And if you want to learn all the songs by heart, using your quarantine free time, here's an article that talks about it.

Meanwhile I'll be counting down the days until July 3rd, along with you!

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