Where is Kim Jong-Un?

Published by Ludovica A on 2020-04-30 in Detective
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It's been a while since the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has "disappeared", nobody has seen him for days and speculations have been going on for days on his physical health, with many saying he is either severely ill or dead. However there's no official confirmation and both foreign medias and the Korean population are left wondering, the future of the country is uncertain.

Some journalists believe that the fact that there hasn't been any official announcement regarding the whole thing means that the government is preparing for giving the news to its people, if the leader was good and healthy they would parade it everywhere, to avoid any rumor.

On the other hand we have Donald Trump who says that he knows for certain Kim Jong-Un's health conditions but cannot really reveal them to the public. Once again God only knows why does it all have to be about the US.

Anyway it's weird to think that nobody knows basically anything about his well-being, North Korea being one of the countries that are the most controversial.

I guess we have to wait to see what comes out of all this and what is going to happen in the future.
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