I wanna be tik tok famous

Published by Ludovica A on 2020-04-23 in Pop
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Tik tok is one of the most popular social media right now. I don't know if you all remember vine, but it kind looks like it. The first time you open it, you'll see a series of short videos, made by random people, being suggested to you one after the other. Many people are dancing, other do comedy, a lot of the times lipsyncing to songs or lines from famous movies. It's just a melting pot of ordinary people doing the dumbest things in front of a camera for one minute, and it's not just fun to watch, it's so hilarious that's almost addicting.

First of all if you were born before 2003 you're clearly too old to be on that app, but still this doesn't mean you cannot enjoy it (who cares). Although it sometimes comes off as cringe, and we can all admit that some content is cringe worthy, it's also really funny and reminds me of "Vine", which was very popular and had more or less the same structure. So that's also the reason why a lot of 90s kids are downloading it.

Not many celebrities are on that social media and it's easy to "blow up" and get thousands of views, which of course, it means nothing, but for once you might get the chance to see content that's new and original. It's a made by us for us and it's something I really like. Let me tell you, it's refreshing.
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