Nerdy things to learn in quarantine

Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-04-23 in Nerd
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Hello world! We're stuck in our houses, global pandemic, quarantine, blah, blah, blah. We all know that. Buuuuuut, that's not what I want to talk about today. This is the nerd category! Here lies the untapped potential and enormous power of nerds! And with this article I'll awaken it!
So, let's start, my fellow nerds!

In this quarantine I want to learn many things and, since I'm a nerd, some of them are nerdy. Here we go!
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So, you have to know that there are many types of nerds and one of them is musical nerds, which are nerds who like musicals. I'm one of them and in this quarantine I want to learn ALL the songs from my favourite musical; Hamilton! If you're crazy like me and you want to do it too, here are some tips on how to learn songs.

So, first thing first, listen to all the songs in chronological order. Yeah, you read right, ALL of them. Then search on YouTube the lyric videos of the songs and try singing the songs following the lyrics two or three times. You did it! Now you'll know them by heart! I can't wait to repeat this for 47 songs! (I know it seems like it, but I'm not being sarcastic.)
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Another thing I want to learn is reading coordinates of a place in the world. Okay, let me explain. You know those war/spy movies where the group of protagonists is intercepting a message of the enemies?

Well, I want to be that fantastic girl (okay, you caught me, it's Peggy Carter) who starts scribbling down on a piece of paper and says "they're coordinates!" and then she can read them and she goes on mission and she's absolutely awesomeeeeeeeeee! So, I want to learn how to read coordinates. You never know, one day you could have to read coordinates and find the place they indicate to save the world! And I want to be prepared for that.
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The last one is learning morse code. Okay, maybe I just want to become a spy, but hey, how cool would it be to communicate with your friends in morse code? We could even use it for copying during tests, either in the normal way (tapping on our desk) or by passing notes.
Imagine how confused would your professor be if they caught a note made up by only lines and dots! They'll think you're just crazy and they'll probably leave you alone for the rest of the test! Unless it was your espionage teacher, in that case you'd be in trouble.

And now go, my fellow nerd! Go conquer this quarantine! I'll see y'all at the spy college, for which we'll have been preparing all quarantine long!
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