Wuhan lockdown coming to an end

Published by Charlie on 2020-04-16 in Detective
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After two whole months of total lockdown, Wuhan (the centre of the corona virus epidemic) is finally easing up its restrictions, lifting its lockdown. People are at least allowed to go out to the grocery store, if they do not have a temperature and if their compound is "virus free", so basically if they meet the "Green code" requirements. Public transportation has started working again and the first phase of coping with Covid-19 is ending. Although there has been this change, we cannot say that everything is back to normal, people are paying very much attention to where they go and how they behave. Furthermore the police is still going around the streets, checking no one is leaving the house.

Chinese coronavirus new cases have been dropping significantly lately, and most of the new infected are brought to the country from abroad. Western states are indeed just starting to deal with the emergency, compared to China at least. As we are all living in a globalised and connected world it's difficult to tell when this emergency will actually end, nonetheless we can hope for this event to be the light at the end of the tunnel.
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