Coronao-Now: how's the contagion going?

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Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-04-16 in Detective
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Hey you infected people!

We're officially in the second month of reclusion due to Coronavirus but we're getting fed up to stay at home doing nothing. So we decided to start a program talking about... yes, Coronavirus.

CALM DOWN EVERYONE we don't want to create useless panic but we're simply a bit curious to know how other teenagers are spending their quarantine, in Italy and abroad! How is it going? Do we miss going to school? Are we looking for some remedies for the boredom? Is online class the future of the education system? Are there some positive sides of this lockdown?
Listen to us on air on our 247 flux, everyday until the end of the contagion, at 16:13 (if everything goes well) with "Coronao-Now: how's the contagion going?"

We talked with a lot of guests like Roberto Burioni, a very famous italian virologist, Daria Bignardi and Filippo Solibello, two Italian hosts, Paolo Giordano, an Italian writer, athletes, musicians etc...But we also talked with our friends Neva from Oslo (who got the Covid-19 earlier this month) and Nehir from Bruxelles!

Listen to all the episodes we've made!

This down below is the last one!

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