How to grow an avocado plant

Published by Charlie on 2020-04-09 in Nerd
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Hey there!

Are you starting to run out of ideas in order to make time pass?

No more tv series to watch? No more things to study? Maybe this article could help you a bit.

Before starting you have to know that for every plant I touch, the possibility of their death is really high. When it comes to green little plants it usually goes like this: I buy a cactus and then I forget about it after two days. They die weeks later because I never take care of them. They usually survive in the desert but they surely don't with me.

In order to break this spell which has probably been thrown at me from some evil plant-witch, I though I could have my redemption by avoiding cacti ad try with something else.

So here it is a tutorial on how to grow an avocado plant from a seed.
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First of all you need an avocado. So far so good. From this fruit you'll have to take its seed (and eat the rest later).

Then you will finally have the chance to free all of your serial-killer instincts (usually provoked by the long and continuous cohabitation with your family) by stabbing the seed with four big toothpicks, like in the picture below.
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After that, place the seed-space ship on a glass full of water, so that the butt (for the no-so-fun persnicketies: lower part) plunges in the water like in the previous image.

And finally you'll have to place our little creature in a sunny place BUT careful, it gets tricky, not under direct sunlight! After four to six weeks a tiny root should start to sprout from the tiny and cute butt. As soon as the root grows a bit, finally you can transfer the seed into topsoil and let your plant grow.

Wish me luck, I'm sure your avocado plant will be healthier than mine.