Published by Charlie on 2020-04-02 in Nerd
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Something I didn't miss at all during the quarantine was writing articles for the "nerd" section... Just kidding! I'm writing this article on April's fools eh eh... I couldn't wait to write this... I haven't been avoiding certain people's texts not to take responsibility to write, no not at all... ANYWAYS something interesting did happen in these last weeks.

Last week on Monday (for the survivors of coronavirus I mean Monday the 23th of March) we interviewed Matteo Sciuttieri during a Coronao-Now episode. Apart from being an amazing game designer (I frankly did not play games by Runheads but its trailers seem pretty amazing so I'll rely on that) He came up with a genius idea for gamers all around the world.
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He started bothering his game designers friends to make many games available on practically every platform. From shitty games (and by that I mean apps), Steam, Ps4 and Xbox he gave thousands of players the possibility of playing video games for free (just last week there were more than 3600). Obviously if you write "FREE GAMES" it's difficult that people will be patient, so once loaded, the games will run out soon after ... You have to constantly look at the file on this link to be updated and get the game you want for free.
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Now, I don't know if Matteo will be happy, so I'm asking all the kind people who will check this article to pay attention before sending him this article. He surely did something good but there are a lot other opportunities to get games for free, that are both new and perfectly working. The provider decided to give its users a more realistic experience through its creation. As a matter of fact a game that you physically own can be shared with friends, lent and then you can remember 7 years later the name of that one prick of a friend that still has it. Well, they wanted to give the same experience to their users, the softwares you download are not protected by Digital Rights Management systems.
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Basically once you buy a game it can be shared to whoever you want... I ask myself who would be able to set up a website where you can download all games for free... it would be crazy... a website called Freegog where you can actually do it doesn't exist... no it would be insane...
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