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Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-04-02 in Pop
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Okay, I know. We are in quarantine, we stay in our pajama all day. Well, maybe you losers stay in your pajama all day! (I'm sorry for calling you losers, but now I have your attention, right?)

Let's start over. Hi, I'm Sofia and, like all Italy, I'm in quarantine and every day I prepare a fantastic oufit and I wear it, because it makes me feel less dead inside and more motivated to do something. Maybe I'm crazy and I understand that dressing well or even just getting dressed is just for strong people, but, with my advice, you'll become strong people too.

And if you really don't want to get dressed these days, just remember that when all this will be over none of you will remember how to dress well and if you'll decide to read this article you'll be ahead of everyone else.
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Are you ready? Let's start from the basics:

We all know how to create a simple outfit; a shirt, a pair of jeans or just pants and, maybe, a sweatshirt. But not many people can turn this combination into a real Outfit with a capital "O" (okay, it shouldn't be written this way, but you get my point). And this is where the power of accessories comes in handy.
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Yeah, I know. Not everyone thinks that hair (the ones we have on our head, by the way) is an accessory. Well, they're wrong! Hair, in fact, is what determinates the vibe of an outfit. Think about it; hair down for a simple and natural look, ponytail for a sporty look (if combined with a sporty outfit) or for a more sophisticated look (combined with a simple turtleneck), braids for a 'younger' and natural look, and so on.

Also, there are hair accessories! Headbands frame the face and help keeping the hair out of the way; they can be thick and colourful for a 90s style or slim and neutral for a minimal look.

Then we have hairclips, that are in style right now; you can find them in every kind, the most popular ones are the ones with words, there are some crazy ones out there. If you want to be more simple you can opt for bobby pins; they're a bit plain in my opinion, but they'll come in handy if you ever need to pick a lock.

Also, we have scrunchies! The fantastic hair ties straight from the 90s! The ones used by the VSCO girls (r.i.p. to them). You can find them in many materials, patterns and colours!

And, speaking of colours, always make sure to match the colour of your accessories to one of the ones present in your outfit; for example, try matching the colour of your scrunchie to the one of your shirt. This way you'll have a cohesive outfit (it's the little details that make a difference).
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If you don't want to think about your hair, you can just put on an hat! There are many types and you can find the perfect one for you, by just trying them all!


There are many kinds of jewels. Let's start with earrings; they're especially useful when you have a ponytail, because they help filling the empty space around the ears and neck. And talking about necks, we have necklaces! Lately it's really popular layering them, but be careful; don't wear them all of the same length, otherwise you'll never be able to take them off and you'll probably be buried with them. Try wearing necklaces of different lengths and you'll be fa-bu-lou-s.

Then we have rings, bracelets and wrist-watches (yes, wrist-watches are accessories). They complete an outfit, paying attention to a body part that's often underrated: hands. As I said before, it's all in the details.
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Yes, glasses are also accessories, but, listen up; sunglasses! Don't you dare wearing fake glasses to appear more fashionable. Just don't. And be grateful that you don't depend on them to live your everyday life. A cool pair of sunglasses can elevate an outfit; try wearing them with a sleek low ponytail and hoop earrings, and add a lipstick to look like a real diva! But if you just want to keep things low-key you can just wear them with a denim jacket and a nude lipstick to hide your pulled-an-all-nighter-to-watch-Netflix under-eye circles.

Last but not least, we have shoes! The shoes you wear can completely change the vibe of your outfit. For example; a pair of sneakers can dress down a skirt and high heels can dress up jeans or even sweatpants.

And that's all friends! (I'm still trying to make up for calling you losers at the beginning). Now you can start implementing these tips in your quarantine outfits! Or if you're still determined to wear pajama you can always come back here when all of this will be over, this way you'll be fabulous on your first day back to normal!
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