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Published by Sofia, from Milan on 2020-03-26 in Pop
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Some Saturday nights (or even Friday nights, if you lucky enough not to go to school on Saturdays, which is a fortune I do not have) you just gotta stay in, put on a comfy pyjama and read a book or watch a movie that makes you feel good.

"But what do you mean Sofia?" you'll say (I'm Sofia, by the way). Well, my friend, you need a feel-good movie, or book, whatever works for you.
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Let's begin with the feel-good movies. They're usually the ones from your childhood, so, since I don't want to assume your age, you'll have to think about them yourself, but I can tell you about mines. I don't exactly know what films came out when I was little, because I pretty much watched just cartoons. But, sometimes, you need something you can finish in one sitting.

I prefer films that make you feel nostalgic in a good way, such as Mamma mia!, Mean girls, Clueless, 30 going on 13, Breakfast at Tiffany, New York minute, Bring it on... stuff like that, that makes me feel nostalgic from a time I didn't even exist in. They can be films who's plot you know by heart, but that make you feel a certain way, like in a calm summer night, singing your favourite movie's soundtrack. The films that make you feel like when you where little, watching tv on a Saturday night, under a comfy blanket, eating burned popcorn. Those are feel-good movies.
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Feel-good books are pretty similar. They're the ones you read when you where little, on those Saturday afternoons when you didn't want to go out and you just stayed in, with the golden sunlight coming from the window. They can be those silly books you read when you where twelve, the ones that tell embarrassing stories of teenagers, with all the struggles of growing up. You need something like a safe harbour, something old, to cuddle in and to feel safe in (duh).

We all need to calm down one second, switch off the big light, turn on a little lamp to keep us company and watch a film or read a book that makes us feel good. We all deserve to become children again for a couple of hours and just relax.
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