What's happening in India?

Published by Charlie on 2020-03-26 in Detective
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Hey there

Aren't you sick of being bombarded by the Coronavirus news? The more we go on, the more I have the impression that's the only thing that's happening in the whole world. I asked myself "Is that really so?" Doesn't the world have other problems too? So I decided to buy a newspaper (don't worry, I didn't go out, I bought it online) and see what is going on elsewhere while all this pandemic stuff happens.

I was pretty surprised by how so many things have been put on stand by in order to dedicate more space to the virus-situation and I wanted to change that. I thought it was important to talk about other stuff too, so I chose a topic to report here.

As you can see from the title, the main character of this article is India. If I was asked to do a brainstorm about the country, I would write: Hinduism, colours, Bollywood and spicy food.
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All of these things are awesome but sadly, from a political point of view, right now the situation is everything but amazing. Since the month of December 2019, Indian people are fighting against each other because of a new law approved by the parliament. This new regulation simplifies the way of getting a citizenship for people who come from all the neighbour states such as Bangladesh, Pakistan etc... So why is people complaining? Shouldn't it be something good? Well, yes but actually no. People can take advantage of this only if they're hindu. That means that Muslims are not included. Under every point of view that is an actual discrimination. So here it is, that's why more and more people are fighting in the streets. Some of them are trying to protect their democracy and others are trying to claim a whole Hindu nation. Infact, even if India was born as a secular state, the prime minister Narendra Modi is still trying to change this. He's from a party called Bjp which claims that India should be better without Muslims and for that reason more and more people are acting violent towards them and anyone who wants to protect them. The situation is horrible, people ON BOTH SIDES are getting hurt, wounded, killed and no help is expected to come soon from other countries, not even from the UN.
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But why should we, young people, be worried about it? We are in our homes, safe and sound and nobody is taking away our privilege of living in a democracy. Why should this concern us? Well, let's take a moment to imagine this situation. You're at school/university, you're walking home after a long day of studying and you're already wondering what you dad has cooked for dinner. Imagine that your school/university and its teachers are maybe not aligned with a couple of principals dear to the Party in charge in your country or that maybe your religion is different than the main one. Now, what I want you to imagine is that, because of this, while you're returning home, a group of people sees you and starts to chase you down. Frightening, isn't it? I bet you wouldn't like to find yourself in this situation. Well, this is exactly the kind of situation young people in India are experiencing (read this article if you want to know some more). Doesn't this make you wonder?

Be smart, spread the news, talk about it and don't let this be obscured by other news geographically closer to you.