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Published by Charlie on 2020-03-19 in Detective
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Hey guys! It's a period of quarantine, yeah, I don't know about you, but during these days of "imprisonment" I have often had to deal with boredom. Between boredom and laziness there's still an open debate going on between "I'm bored" and "I'm lazy". Truth is that while being bored, I've tried to make a list of the things that I have learnt to do and those that I have unlearnt to do. There you go.
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Now I don't know:
1 How to brush my hair. Don't judge me, after all for what purpose brushing your hair if don't have to see anyone other than the same old three people you have known since you were born? I'm born lazy, I know, not that my hair was so great before, but at least I was making the effort.

2 What day it is

3 Talking and speaking English. With closed schools I think I'll turn back into a Homo Erectus. I'm not exaggerating, just today I was asking myself how many "r" are there in "parrot".

4 How to tidy up my stuff. No, ok this is a lie, I didn't even know how to do that before all this, but lately I have more time to hoard and spread my stuff all over my house.

5 How to put up with five hours of class. Before all this I was going to school (You don't say, right? Yeah, I know I amazed myself too). as al the other students (today I'm literally Miss Obvious), and I didn't really mind five hours of class. Now three hours of online classes destroy me.

6 How to study. Ok, I'm not saying that I knew how to study well, but now with online classes cheating is so easy that I don't even try to study. C'mon I know that you have asked for or send pictures of your homework to a classmate just to "check" the answers, or you might have answered a question with your book opened with the excuse of "I'm sorry prof, my camera is not working, I don't have a webcam". If you didn't do it... Well, here there are a couple of ideas.

7 Doing the bed. I've stopped doing that and I simply pile the blankets on one side. It's always my laziness' fault, eh I know, everyone has their flaws.

8 What's in my closet. I had to give an honourable mention to my poor closet, I havent opened it for weeks now, I always wear the same four sweaters and same four pairs of trousers, piled up along with the blankets on my bed (they're already piled up, yeah I like piling up things)

9 Doing exercise. Everyone says it's better to keep in shape these days, working out at home. However... well, I assume you've got that I'm lazy.

10 How to put up with the three people with whom I spend 24h a day.
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I've learnt to:

1 Stay away from my phone and from social medias after the third time I've watched the same video on Youtube because I didn't know what else to watch.

2 That it's funny to think about your childhood memories and about how I used to have fun as a child. Yeah I'm super bored...

3 Meet my deadlines. Thanks to online classes, I cannot put off or come up with excuses, the "Miss I've left it at home" doesn't work when you have to send homework by email, what a pity...

4 That the reason why I don't do something is not because I don't have time, because I don't feel like it. I have finally hanged a poster on my wall after months of it laying on my bedside table. My excuse? I don't have time. How long did it take me? 1 minute.

5 That newscasts are not so boring. It's important to know what's going on

6 That I can be close to you, even though we're far away.

7 That I should not take things for granted, like going out with friends or going to school. Because you don't notice how much you can miss them when you don't have them

8 That I should not take people for granted

9 That people have the instinct of doing something, the moment they know they cannot do it.

10 That our mind, in order to protect us, convinces us that something will never happen to us because we are young, far from the problem, or in a small place where there aren't many people. We need to feel safe.
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Now maybe I should tell you that I live in Medicina, a small town of 17.000 inhabitants. It's been a week since Medicina is in Italy's "red zone". What does that mean? Well, in Medicina people cannot go out or come in and the police are surrounding the city. In Medicina newspapers are not coming anymore, nor the mail or people delivering packages, as a matter of fact only food and medicines come in. The only people that can leave are doctors and physicians working out of town.

Actually to be precise, it's not the whole town of Medicina, just the village itself and Ganzanigo, another small village close to Medicina, many places are in fact out of the "red zone". One of the things that struck me the most is that people out of the red zone do the shopping for their loved ones that live inside the red zone, then policemen take it to them. This is an action of great solidarity, I thought. Besides you have to cheer up with small things, because "red zone" are words that are a bit scary, because they make you aware of the fact that it's not quite alright.
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The cases here are a more than a hundred and the deads are about a dozen, and the things that makes the situation worse is that in a small town everyone knows everyone, and you always get the feeling that someone you know or love could be in danger. Knowing to have friends in quarantine o that have lost a loved one is really bad and makes me thinks: Why? Why does this happen? And I don't have an answer, some things simply happen.

Another question that I'm asking myself is: Why Medicina, a small town no one knows, can be known for such a tragedy, when there are many beautiful things here that people don't know about? And this makes me feel like I want to think that in reality Medicina will be famous because, other than this virus, when it will rise again, it will have won. After all hope is the last thing to perish, so let's hope and make the effort, in my own little way, so that Italy will win, better the whole world! In moments like this you discover again your own humanity, and has Ungaretti used to say in "Veglia": "Non sono mai stato tanto attaccato alla vita" that translates into "We were never this attached to life".